Dear Readers, Overweight and Diabetes situation is the most common disease found due to today’s changed lifestyle and we are elaborating on the change in lifestyle to remedy on Overweight & diabetic conditions.

diabetes Starts when Pancreas a Gland behind our stomach stops creating insulin, which, works to carry sugar to our blood cells to create energy. But when insulin supply lower in our body it affects energy loss & uncontrolled Sugar level in our body.

Identifying symptoms of diabetes is not easy, it may be just an Excess Hunger / Thirst, Excessive Urination, Numbness in Foot / Hand, blurred vision or nausea, so it is recommended to annually test our sugar level & consult with a doctor

Diabetes is danger, it can affect our life very badly, it invites diseases like Heart, Kidney, Blood Pressure, Lower Vision, Immunity Loss, Skin Diseases & Many More.

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How to Prevent & Treat diabetes Naturally?

1] Do Regular Exercise, Mediation this can only help to burn excess fat & keep our body immune.

2] Have a Fiber Reach Diet such as Cereals, Grains, Leafy Vegetables & eating Magnesium reach Fruits with Skin

3] Stop eating Junk Food, Smoking, Alcohol & avoid those food items which increase Blood sugar level.

4] Cinnamon intake can help one to control diabetes to it can include in regular diet toppings.

5] Intake of Aloe Vera Juice can also help during the Diabetes recommended 20 ML of Aloe Vera Juice on an empty stomach every day is beneficial.

6] drinking good amount of water is great for body specially hot water. also Bitter gourd juice is also effective in diabetes & can drink 20 to 30 ML a day is beneficial for health

7] Ayurvedic panchakarma chikitsa can be helpful in diabetes. because it is effective in treating Human ‘Tridosha” ie. “Vatta” “Pitta” &”‘Kafa”. which, helps fighting diabetes.

8] Controlling on our eating habits, Eating Less Fat Food will help in lowering the risk of diabetes.

9] Drinking Gulvel or Giloy Juice / Kadha is very beneficial i Diabetes, Gulvel or Giloy helps to control Blood Sugar Level to Normal and Increase Insulin Production in our body which prevents Diabetes harsh effects. It is advised to consult doctor to do the natural remedies.

Overweight and Diabetes
Periodic Health Inspection is necessary in Diabetes

Is it possible to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

What is Type 2 Diabetes?
In type 2 diabetes, such Body cells which controls blood sugar level stops working. And after loosing weight again Liver and Pancreas again start release insulin which helps to again enhance our body capacity to control our Blood Sugar level and also lower Type 2 Diabetes, Overweight and Diabetes is equally related

As of today medical science haven’t found any cure for type 2 diabetes, But few researches shown it’s possible for to reverse and lower its effect of Diabetes by change in lifestyle and controlling Body Fat. It can be controlled with Lower weight and controlling calorie with Diet.

Calorie Controlled Diet
An European medical Study shows that calorie controlled diet can help to reverse Type 2 Diabetes such as Following y liquid diet of 625-850 calories a day for Few months can help to reversed their diabetes and helps to lower Blood Sugar & Glucose to Normal Range.

Physical Activities
Exercising and more Physical activities can help to Loose Fat, which eventually helps to control Diabetes but this can only achieved by combination of exercise and low calorie diet. As per a study people following moderate exercise everyday can automatically help their body to produce insulin for better Diabetes and Sugar Control

Fasting or Low Diet
Fasting is also an another way to decrease weight, Being without Food body help to more reduce body fat and calorie than regular one, hence fasting of at lease 24 hours in a week can help to loose weight more fast, which eventually leads to Control on Diabetes. Also Lower diet per day than required also help to control Blood Sugar Level. overweight and diabetes people can use fasting to control the issue.

It is also advised to consult with doctor before start following above given ways in situation of Type 2 Diabetes.

Today few popular things to control diabetes like Dietary Supplements, OTC Medicines, Weight Loss Drugs and supplements can’t help much because, For Controlling Blood Sugar level in Body, Producing Insulin & Decreasing Body Fat needs to work on More Physical Activities & Control on Diet.

So, at the end only Exercise & Nutritious Diet can only help to prevent & treat Type 2 Diabetes.

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