Dear Readers, Hope you are doing well with lots of Energy, Passion & Health, Thanks for your love towards own Health Improvement & GymBag4u. Veda’s are the showcase of ancient social lifestyle, an Undiscovered sea of vedic lifestyle knowledge. Veda’s are the true treasure of Vedic people’s Healthy & Happy Life. Vedas are holding secret lifestyle hacks for best healthcare.

Vedic time was the peak of the social and economic reforms of humans. Wise ancestors mentioned the best practices and thoughts of their society in Vedic scripts. Vedic scripts and all 4 vedas “Rugved”, “Samved”, “Yajurved” & “Athrvaved”, contains all the secret knowledge of Hindu Culture’s best living practices, philosophy guidance and knowledge of world class ancient lifestyle for betterment of health and improved immune system.

The Noble cause of Veda’s creators was, to create the knowledge treasure to be pass on and enhancing of Social culture & human Healthy for future Generations.

Vedas are the mirror of human lifestyle enhancement from Jungle’s life to civilized life. Vedas are the source of ultimate lifestyle hacks very useful for Modern Lifestyle.

Today we like to share few but important Lifestyle methods mentioned in ancient Sanskrit scripts, which helps to enhance your daily routine

Waking Up Early

Vedas tells us to wake up on “Brahma Muhurtas”, ie. 96 minutes before Sun Rises, which is 4 o clock in the morning. it’s the best time to wake up and start the daily routine. It gives us plenty of time to follow a healthy way and gain adequate energy for the day.  

vedic lifestyle
Veda Shloke of Early Getting Up

Yoga & Exercise

Vedas tells us that exercise is an important task in our day to day routine, It makes our body Active all day which results in Health & Longer immunity.

The book Ashtanga Hridayam Grantha, Sutra 10 “Vyamaha” tells about the importance of Exercise and ideal procedure.

Also it warns us about over exercising and its adverse effects on our health

“Vyamaha” Ashtanga Hridiyam Sutra 10
Adverse Effect of Over Exercise

Drinking Plenty of Water / Warm Water

We all know an Adult Body contains 60% of water. Water is also called a “Liquid of Life”. Veda contains the benefits of drinking plenty of water & especially Warm water at the start of the day. Water helps to flows the Important Vitamin and minerals to reach each & every organ, It also helps in regularizing Digestion process.

Water also helps in creating lubricants for proper movement of a human body joint.

Drinking warm water helps removing mouth bacteria & bad odor.

as per vedic lifestyle a good amount of drinking water helps to controls three common human “dosha’s” (Body Problems), which are “Vata” “Pitta” & “Kafa”.

Body Massage & Bathing

Vedas have mentioned the Importance of regular (Abhyanga Snan) Massage & Bathing at the start of our day. its benefits for health & skin By Massaging with ingredients, Such as Coconut & Oilseeds like Sesame Seed Oil, Turmeric, Chickpeas Flour, Milk, or Fruit pulp.

in vedic lifestyle bathing, we become “Nirmal” (Clean) and free from Diseases, Bad Odor & Viral infections.

Importance of Massage “Abhyanga” before Bathing
vedic lifestyle
Benefits of Using “Ubatan” – Massage Powder
Benefits of Daily Bathing

Eating Habits

Veda’s mentioned eating procedures & methods beneficial for our body. We must eat only when and how much our stomach is empty, otherwise, it may create digestion & gastric problems in our body.

in vedic lifestyle Eating is described Similar to “Yagnya” (Important Spiritual Ritual), which must be done with concentration and without any interruption.

Eating Method – Ashtanga Hridaya Sutra

Food Ingredients

Vedas contains hygienic food ingredients important for human Healthy. Our body needs energy for various daily tasks called in Veda as Dharma, Artha, Karma & Moksha, and for that our body needs disciplined routine & healthy food. It also mentioned eating procedures such as start eating with Spicy food items & Ending it with Sweat Food to gain good digestion.

It is Also mentioned benefits of eating with ingredients such as Ginger, Rock Salt to Boost the Digestion & Taste of food while eating.

Eating Procedure – Ashtanga Hridaya Sutra 6


Vedas also mentioned the “Upvas” (Fasting)Methodology. It is very beneficial for our health. Skipping Meal a day helps to rest to our digestive system, it also adopts a human body to control Hunger and free from digestive diseases.

Sleeping Time as per Vedic Scrips

Early Sleeping

As per Ancient Scripts “Health of a human is totally depend on proper sleep”. Improper sleep loses energy for another day.

A good time for going to sleep is as early as possible before day end.

Importance of a Good Sleep
vedic lifestyle
Disadvantages of Improper Sleeping

Today you can see a high increase in the popularity of Vedic Yoga, Panchakarma & Ayurveda in modern routine life.

There is need of more and more study on vedic scripts to dig out the treasure of Healthy Vedic Lifestyle for Great.

Immunity and Increased lifespan of we human’s.

Peace of Mind:

Veda is always showing importance of peace of mind for a great life satisfying living for a good health and increased lifespan. Veda also explains that there is no other bigger disease than impatient and stressed mind. hence there is need to involve yourself more towards positive vibes.

Vedas shows importance of living happy life and enjoying penny penny happy moments in life. vedas also advises to live in present, Leave past behind and don’t worry about future.

Veda also explains why human’s peace of mind and control on desires and greediness is beneficial for society as well as the human being self to get into peace state.

vedic lifestyle
Peace of Mind Importance in Human life

Vedic knowledge can help today’s human generation to absorb in a modern lifestyle to create a More Healthy & ideal Society. 

Thanks for reading
Have a Healthy & Happy Life
GymBag4u Team

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