Dear Readers, we all know Ayurveda” an ancient treasure of knowledge for Human Health. Chawanprash benefits are also proven scientifically for long-term health benefits as per Ayurveda for immunity and body energy enhancing due to Vitamin C Enriched Aamla is the main ingredient of “Chawanprash” which is an ayurveda for immunity.

“Chawanprash” a Jam Like Preparation made of Amla (Indian Gooseberry) and other 50+ Herb. Consumption of this benefits in our body for immunity boosting and Good Digestion.

Chawanprash recipe found mentioned in ancient book “Charaka Samhita”. where a Story for preparation of ancient God Physician Ashwini Kumara. Who made An Ayurvedic preparation to rejuvenate Rishi Chawan’ health, which named as a “Chawanprasha” Chawan = Chawan Rishi and Prash = Eatable. And magically that preparation turned Rushi Chawan into a Young Man.

Originally it contains Ancient 8 Herbs along with Aamla. But today we lost the knowledge about exact herbs, except “Amalaki” or “Amla”.

But, still by adding a few good herbs as mentioned in Ayurveda used for preparing.

What is “Chawanprash”?

“Chawanprash” turns it into a Body Energy Booster.

“Chawanprash” made of Amla Extract, contains vitamin C and antioxidants.

chawanprash benefits
Chawanprash made from Aamlaki of Indian Goosberry

Benefits of “Aamla” for Tri Dosh Nivarana (Vata, Pitta, and Kafa) are shown below shloka of Shrut Sanhita.

आम्ल समधुर तिक्त कषाय कटुक सरंम !
चक्षुष्य सर्वदोषघ्न् वृष्यमामलकीफलंम !
हन्ति वात तद्म्लत्वातत्पित माधुर्यशैत्यत !
कफ रुक्षकषायत्वात फलोभ्य अभ्यधिक च त त !!
सुश्रुत संहिता ४६ / १४३ – १४४

Above Sholka means Aamla Juice removes the Vata Dosha, which benefits in the Bone joints problems. The Cold & Sweat Nature of Aamla benefits in Pitta Dosha means it benefits in Digestion related issues by controlling the Metabolic Acid Creation. It’s Bitter & Dry Taste helps on the Kafa dosha means the Aamla Juice also benefits on Breathing & Cough related Problems.

Aamla also benefits on Blood Sugar Control due to its ingredients such as “Aamla” Extract and other 50 herbs like Ashwagandha, Bela, Pippali, Gokshura, Guduchi, Shatavari, Brahmi.

Those ingredients benefit human rejuvenation and anti-aging effect as per Ayurveda.

We can eat “Chawanprash” in every season, because of its Gut friendly nature.

Benefits of “Chawanprash”

  1. Strong Digestion system due to beneficial for balancing stomach acidic chemicals
  2. Increase in production of White & Red Blood Cells
  3. Its antioxidant Herbs helps to prevent from Acne & Wrinkles
  4. Along with the increased immunity, it prepares our body to fight against viral diseases.
  5. It helps in asthmatic diseases & Diabetic Diseases & Heart diseases by helping in maintaining the body in Good Blood and Breathing circulation.

How to Eat Chawanprash?

Commonly few thoughts are there on Eating “Chawanprash” with Milk or Water, but it also can be eaten like a Jam with Bread or Roti. A spoon full of Chawanprash daily in the Morning benefits more to our body.

Hope you like above information on this ayurvedic natural Immunity Booster.

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