Hi, Our food is an important part of our life, “We Become What we Eat”. and hence it should followed by mindful eating ways.

If we eat Healthy Food, in adequate quantity, and quality automatically provide us a Healthy & Longer Life.

Whereas the Un-Healthy, More Fatty, Oily, Deep Fried, overeating, and excessive fasting all those damages our health. And that’s why following a good diet plan and mindful eating habits are Important for us.

It’s our decision always what we want to choose a Sugar or a Honey, which leads our health way.

Pleasure & Concentration is always required for mindful eating food which makes us happy and eventually full of energy.

A Bowl of Fresh Food Salad nourishes our body and mind because we are eating the best and with focus.

Food only source of all of our body energy & Supply of essential vitamins

Water is an important part because our body contains majorly water, which helps our blood flow, preparing necessary body juices, acids & Lubricants.

So, we like to answer below few questions & their best answers regarding mindful eating.

5 Ways of Peacefully Eating?

Eating is a Mindful practice?

  1. We fist see the food, its color, its touch, its size and feel the Food that we start eating.
  2. We then touch the food and feel the touch.
  3. We have to smell its aroma and feel the happy feeling of eating.
  4. then we have to start chewing again & again the food, capture its taste through our tongue,
  5. we have to chew the food again and again so it leaves our mouth fool of its taste and then we swallow it to enjoy more food.

that’s how we have to eat food.

Food is called “Poorna Brahma” – it means Food is a “Form of God Brahma” who created the World. And it’s true because on the food only we are surviving ourselves for thousands of years.

What to Eat?

We are not only eating to fulfill our hunger, Sometimes our emotions tend us to eat, which we have to stop anywhere.

While eating we must focus on eating only, to gain benefit from food. Sometimes we eat along with doing other work like watching TV or reading etc. that allows over-eating which must be stopped. Eating is a work that we must do with focus.

The food we eat must be a healthy one, it can be any diet there are hundreds of diet practices. we can follow to gain health, we can choose anyone for ourselves according to our Physique and daily energy requirement.

We must avoid Oily, Deep Fried, Microwaved, Cold Stored, More Fatty, or unhygienic food to gain benefits from eating. Also, habits like Alcohol & smoking also harms our health.

We must prepare a daily dieting plan which includes food. Which contains Protean, Fat, Fiber, Calcium & Carbohydrates which provides you the full day energy & essential vitamins.

What is Mind full Eating?

  • Our daily diet should be planned with consulting with dietitian based on our physique.
  • We have to avoid eating packed food.
  • Drinking enough water is necessary for good digestion of food, So, we must drink plenty of water.
  • We have to leave watching TV or using Gadgets while eating, which will benefit from good eating.
  • Sugar & Salt intake must be lower, less than 5 Grams of Salt per day are required.
  • Along with a good diet, exercise is necessary to retain the energy & burn calories.
  • We must give plenty of time for eating, eating is not a thing to be done in a hurry.
  • We must include Fruits & Fruit juice in our daily diet for better nutrition.

Good Food always Generates Happiness.

Food is the thing which must be eating with patience and care to keep you Healthy & Happy.

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