Dear Readers, Its general practice among a few of us that upon illness they directly go to a pharmacist and ask OTC medicines on assumed symptoms.

Such Medicine purchase is called OTC Medicine Buying, which is a very dangerous practice for our health.

some popular OTC med’s are various Antibiotics, and Pain Killers are easily available online or at Pharmacy Shops without any prescription.

Taking Antibiotics regularly is not a healthy habit, Antibiotics kill our body cells, which unknowingly kills our Immunity.

OTC Medicines
OTC Medicines

OTC Medicines Are Harmful Because?

  • Pharmacists are not trained to diagnose a disease so it is not right to buy OTC Medicines directly ever.
  • OTC Medicine contains may contain High Dosage, and your symptoms may be lower, High Dosage may increase your illness.
  • OTC Medicine contains antibiotic which kills good bacteria and cells in our body which affect on lowering Immunity and increasing illness.
  • Few medicines have side effects, which generally unknown and harmful to our health.
  • Our body may be allergic to any elements which contain in any particular OTC Medicine, and unknowingly it can create a danger to our health and life.
  • Any Particular unsuited OTC Medicine can give side effects like Loose Motion, Rashes, Irritation, Mental Instability, and Digestive Disease to us.
  • OTC Medicines are purchased without diagnosing disease, which may increase illness due to not getting on time cure.
  • Antibiotics are not good for White Blood Cells in Human Body which are our immunity defenders, and unknowingly by taking OTC Medicine, we lower our Immunity White Blood Cell.
  • OTC Drugs may create harmful effects on our Kidneys and Breathing system and may create a threat to our life.

OTC Medicines and Antibiotics or any Ointment is not beneficial for permanent illness treatment. So, it is better to Consult Medical Practitioner before consuming any Un-prescribed Medicines.

Today is a Technology age, There are many online Sites and Applications which are providing Video Medical Consultation. Where we can consult with expert doctors to treat our illness by sitting from our home or office.

Over the Counter (OTC) medicines are not beneficial moreover harmful to our health. And that’s why we feel Buying OTC Medicines is a Play with our Health which, must be Avoided.

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GymBag4u Team

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