Dear Readers, Time is precious than anything in the world, and we all know the importance of time. But do you know that just few minutes of your attentive time for self, can help you to be a owner of Great Health.

Following daily routine with doing the right thing at the right time will help to gain a Fit Body.

Our Diet and Eating habits play an important role in nourishing our body with the required energy & nutrients.

Our body functioning is controlled by the Day & Night times, and each time there are changes happening in our Body.

It is always recommended to Drink Warm water at the start of our day which has enormous benefits to our body like enhance in body fluid & help to increase metabolism.

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Ideal Eating Time of a Day Meals


7 to 8 AM in the morning is best is for Breakfast because Digestive fire is increasing after the sunrise which is the best to provide Breakfast. Breakfast should be King Size and it’s very important to do breakfast on time. As per study skipping dinner may invite Heart Disease.


12.30 to 1.30 PM in the afternoon is the best time for Lunch because our body is ready to with the highest amount of digestive Juices digest Heavy food along with full nutrition absorbing potential. Delaying lunch may create a shortage of body energy & may create Dizzy Feeling and Acidity symptoms.


The best time for the dinner is 7 PM to 8 PM because along with sunset our body changes automatically in relaxing mode and starts decreasing our metabolism. This why the time of 7 to 8 PM is best for Dinner. It will help to digest the Dinner naturally and provide the best of its nutrition value. Eating late at night creates more Acidic Elements in our body with Undigested Food and makes us sick and lower energy.

It is very truly said that Breakfast like a King Lunch like a Queen & Dinner Like a Beggar makes great Health automatically.

Sleeping at 10 PM Max is very beneficial for our body because our body along with sunset is on the full potential of Resting Processes and a Good on time sleep can only rejuvenate our body the next day.

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