Dear Reader, Hope you are doing Great & taking care of you and your loved ones health. Sugar is an integral part of our Daily Diet, But we are not aware that White sugar goes through an extensive chemical process. During the Manufacturing process of White Sugar, various harmful chemicals like phosphoric acid, sulfur dioxide, calcium hydroxide are used. And hence we want to discuss on 8 healthy sugar alternative.

Sugar has no nutritional value except its sweet taste and also harmful for health with its Excess consumption.

Nowadays, many people use Sugar free products. Here, we have given some products and are the best alternative for sugar , must read this article, and please don’t ignore, because at the end, health is wealth.

Following are the Best Sugar Alternatives with Great Health Benefits

sugar alternative


Honey is the lowest calorie healthy alternative of Sugar, It contains 64 Grams of calorie and Lowest Sugar levels, Honey contains Antioxidant & Phyto-nutrients which helps in Body Cell Rejuvenation & Good Digestion.

2] Date Sugar

Dates contain Natural Fiber Nutrition which makes it very Good for Digestion, also it contains minerals like A, B1, B2, B3, C. Dates Sugar is the best Low cholesterol best alternate option for Sugar.

Dates have the best nutrition, fiber, and antioxidant quality which makes it a very healthy alternative of Sugar. Dates sugar is very simple and can be made at home.

Just to take a few dates, Let them Dried in Sunlight or with the help of Dryer, and Grind them in Mixer till it takes Crystallize powder form.

3] Coconut Sugar

Coconut is a king of healthy supplementary food due to its high nutritional value, coconut sugar contains various nutritional ingredients like Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Potassium, Also coconut contains insulin fiber which lowers body glucose absorption. Coconut Sugar contains fatty acids poly phenol, Also coconut sugar Contains Anti-aging antioxidants which help to strengthen Body Cells and modify aging effects.

Due to nutrition, Coconut Sugar is the another best sugar alternative for Regular Table Sugar.

4] Brown Sugar

Brown sugar have higher level of Calcium, Iron & Potassium and having no use of chemicals during manufacturing which makes it an healthy alternative of Regular White Sugar.

5] Rock Sugar / Dhaga Mishri

Dhaga Mishri or Rock Sugar is an Unrefined form of Sugar, which is Cold in Nature and has less chemical use, In Ayurveda Dhaga mishree is useful for various diseases of Vata & Pitta Doshas.

Dhaga Mishri helps in Good Digestion, Prevention of Acidity, Refresh Body Cells, Improves Eyes & Body Strength and good for male Seminal Fluid.

Its sweat and cold nature make it an healthy alternative of Regular Table Sugar.

6] Maple Syrup

Pure Maple syrup Contains Vitamin & Minerals like Calcium, Potassium, Manganese, thiamine, and copper, it also contains riboflavin.

Its antioxidant nature makes it a Good Alternative of Regular White Sugar

7] Stevie

Stevie is a Calorie-free alternative of Sugar, Stevie is 200% sweeter than sugar. It helps in lowering the Blood Sugar & Insulin Level. Stevie contains Xylitol which helps in fighting with Diabetes & Metabolic Diseases.

Stevia is anti cavity sweat which is Good for Teeth & Bones.

Nutritional value of Stevie makes it an healthy alternative of Table Sugar.

8] Jaggery / Jaggery Powder

Jaggery is the Worlds best and Healthy alternative for Table Sugar.

20 Gram of Jaggery has the lowest level of 9.7 Gram of Sugar & 38 Grams of Calorie. Along with Good Sweetness It contains Protein, Vitamin B12,B6, Folate, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Selenium, Potassium, Sodium,Dietary Fibers and Carbohydrates.

Jaggery in Rock Form is Hot in Nature but JAGGERY in Powdered form is Cold in nature for our body which makes it multipurpose use.

Jaggery is today one of the best and healthy alternative for regular White Sugar.

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