LANGOT Wearing is an Ancient habit, It is a Cloth used as an inner-wear mentioned in ancient Indian scripts. LANGOT wearing Benefits are mentioned in highly found in many old Indian scripts. And today along with modernization and knowledge many health enthusiasts have stopped wearing modern underwear completely because for men Wearing a LANGOT is very comfortable and with its health benefits. you can adjust how fit or loose you want it to wear. Usually while exercising I make it tighter that gives me great support. And while going to bed I loosen it and sleep only in my LANGOT.

the experience of wearing LANGOT’s during exercise is a much comfortable and useful Gym wear option for men. And this article will help you to know more about benefits of LANGOT wearing as a regular inner cloth, it is an Indian traditional underwear cloth.

As per health experts LANGOT / Kaupinam like Comfortable Gymwear cloth helps for better exercise effects on human body. This naturally improved our Overall Health by provide a comfort to the person during gym or exercising for better results.

Wearing comfortable cloths such s LANGOTA is the need of body, and when we hear our body, our body hears us in terms of Health and feel improvement.

Comfortable Cloth such as LANGOTA helps to ease our mind with body comfort and removes brain distractions for better concentration on exercise and daily health routine.

This article is all about the LANGOTA, Its uses and its better health benefits to make our Mind & body fit with comfortable cloth use effect such as LANGOTA. This article helps you to know how just a simple cotton lion cloth wearing as inner wear / sports wear during Gym / yoga practice shows amazing effects towards gaining Healthy lifestyle.

But what is Langot ?

The Langot is a traditional inner-wear of Indian Ancient people. It styled with a simple loincloth or cotton cloth inner wear with a unique wearing technique used by Yogis and is become popular among their followers popularly worn as underwear. It has been in use from more than 5000 years ago as mentioned in Vedic scripts. Langot’s are mainly used by men. It consists of a long, narrow single piece of cotton which is first placed between the legs and then wrapped tightly around the waist.

LANGOT / Kaupinam Wearing: Benefit's For Men
Man Wearing Langot

The biggest feature of the LANGOT is that it is made of plain cotton cloth, It is considered to be skin friendly. Which does not generate unnecessary heat. Therefore, wearing LANGOT is considered good for men’s health.
Whenever you do a complex exercise or workout, then definitely wear LANGOT. It is necessary for the health of the private part of men and does not put unnecessary pressure on it.

Why to wear laogot in gym?

We see with below information, why the Langot is the best cloth to wear during Exercise and Yoga?

we should wear LANGOT during exercise, for example during yoga practice, it has a variety of benefits when used on regular basis. Its main value is in its ability to give support to the pelvic area – the junction between the top and bottom part of the body. As well as directing the flow of body energy upwards, instead of allowing it to be spread randomly around the body, this is of particular value in preventing bone and organ displacement.

Langota helps to protect human testis from harsh Gym exercise and excessive body Stretching. We know that human testis are important to produce male harmanes which helps in developing body muscles & sperms which are very important for human reproductive system.

The yogis realized that in view of the infinite angles of movement involved in the course of exercise and in such practices as bending and lifting the tissues of the body are subjected to repeated stresses, and when certain muscles are lacking in tone this can lead to such problems as hernia or organ prolapse. The Langot like garment can therefore be as beneficial to a builder or gardener as to a yoga practitioner, or somebody involved in another form of exercise such as jogging or weightlifting.

There are no studies that shows the real benefits of Langot to Women except benefits during yoga, but in few vedic scripts Yoginis or Women Followers wear Langot’s for benefits during yoga kriyas.

Langot / Kaupinam helps to lower the heat by circulating proper airflow near the pelvic area, which helps to reduce heat effect and skin rashes which are caused by other Gym Inner wear or Inner Pants. Also Langot wearing prevents swelling raised near abdominal area due to heavy exercise.

The persons who have wet dream issue or night fall issue should wear Langot which helps to lower the frequent Nightfall Problem.

Wearing Langot also improves sexual life. Therefore, it is now mandatory in some gyms to wear Langot during complex workouts . Sometimes testicles size increases due to more workouts or hard work. Which causes pain in them. Scientists believe that to maintain fertility, it is most important to take care of the health of testicles. Sometimes, there is a problem of overflowing in them. Which affects the sex life. Langot is very helpful in protecting from all these problems.

So, definitely above facts make a fitness enthusiast to must try Langot / Kaupinam due to its Great benefit’s. It is advised to use coconut oil inside Langot skin for better comfort.

Caution: there are few directive studies which also suggest wearing Langota constantly for long time may affect on male fertility but there are no valid proofs. So it make it safe to wear.

Langot / Kaupinam are considered as a best Exercise & Yoga wear for men as per Yoga Shastra an ancient Vedic scripts written 1000. years Ago. Wearing Langot / Kauppinam helps to stop excessive movement of Intestine and testis and help in Awakening Kundalini Energy during regular Meditation & Exercise Practice’s. Along with Healthy Diet Regular Exercise is very Important And Langot / Kauppinam wearing makes exercise more easier. and comfortable wear is always important while doing exercise ang yoga for its best effect on health.

LANGOT usually made of Cotton Cloth. Cotton is one of the best cloth all season fabric and also it Protect skin with its smoothness and anti-rash quality and also stops excessive sweating. Langot / Kaupinam provides strength and stamina during rigorous Yoga and Exercise Practices.

LANGOT or Kaupinam is also popular among Indian wrestlers. And a game called “Kushti” in India a form of ancient wrestling. LANGOT helps to save Wrestlers from threat of Hernia and other issue of testicles like “hydrocele” during physical stretching during intense Wrestling Game and physical exercise.

When to not wear langota?

  • During any internal abdominal injury it is advised not to wear Langota to keep you safe from excessive Pressure Pain
  • After Pelvic Injury, hernia, and lower body surgeries it is advised not to wear Langota.
  • LANGOT should be wear with a specific process, and uneven and improper wearing of Langota may cause PAIN, Rashes and Testicles issue.

Today many followers of Vedic Culture, Yoga and ancient Exercise Technique including Traditional “Kushti” prefer wearing Langot / Kauppinam while doing their routines. To get the best results from ancient Exercise and yoga and support the lower body of Yoga Practitioner. it is recommended by “Gurus” (Teacher’s) to wear Langot as described in Ancient scripts which helps to keep away adverse impact during exercise and help to awake “Kundalini Shakti” in Humans.

as per the ancient scripts Kouppinam / LANGOT wearing regularly helps to control intimate desires, and balance the sacral body divine chakras which promotes internal body energy and enhances physical strength of a person.

LANGOT is not just an undergarment but it is a very useful Gymwear to enhance exercise effect on Human body, as well as enhance Kundalini Energy.

LANGOT is an undergarment cloth which we can find on many online shopping portals, also there are many videos online which will help you to know how to wear the LANGOT for daily use and get benefit from it.

We hope you like our article on LANGOT or LANGOTA Benefit’s and we are sure that this will help you to encourage and wear Langot as a best yoga and exercise wear.

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