What are the Health Benefits of Marshmallow Plant?

Marshmallow Plant is also called as Althaea officinalis found in Western Europe, Asia & African Countries. This plant also called “Khaira” or “Gul-E Khaira”. Which is used from ancient times as a Herb useful herb with useful medicinal and we like to share with you some of benefits of Marshmallow Roots and Marshmallow Flower Extract.

Before 3000 Years ago Egyptian culture was using of Marshmallow Plant to treat their Royals and Pharaohs with Marshmallow Root and Marshmallow Flower Extract and found in few discovered treatment scripts from ancient Egypt.

This herb is used in Arabic, Indian & European Medicine due to its soothing & anti Cough properties.

This herb is very beneficial for increasing breastfeeding milk to Mothers of Newborn. Marshmallow Tea or Capsule can be consume as per doctor consultation to Increase Brest milk.

Marshmallow Benefit

Marshmallow are beneficial to Health and can consume in following ways.

  • Marshmallow Root and Flower Added Herbal Tea is very beneficial for Cough / Cold / Sore throat due to its anti-cough & soothing properties. Just for precaution, the people who have Asthmatic / Cough issues should avoid it because it can harden the mucus.
  • Marshmallow Root haves antibiotic & skin soothing properties, the ointment made from marshmallow roots is help to cure cut wounds naturally.
  • Marshmallow Root increased the production of HDL Cholesterol in the Body, which helps to decrease the bad cholesterol and help in reducing the threat of cardiovascular disease.
  • Marshmallow Root helps to regenerate the digestion system tissues and helps to strengthen our Digestion System.
  • Marshmallow Root ointment with Coconut Oil heals the Sever sunburns, and also heals the skin itching/irritation issues due to its skin-friendly & soothing nature.
  • Marshmallow Root tea consists of antioxidant & detox properties which help to decrease body Toxic material & increase the kidney & urinary system’s health by curing infections.
  • Marshmallow root extract is anti-inflammatory which soothes our skin and retain moisture inside and make it glowing and soft. Application of Marshmallow Root is also beneficial on skin burn and skin itching. Marshmallow Rot Extract is also benefits in early healing normal cut wounds due to its healing and antibacterial properties.
  • Marshmallow Root also best in reviving dry cough due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-cough properties. Drinking Marshmallow Root tea helps to cure cough symptoms very effectively.
  • Marshmallow Flower Extract is beneficial of gastric ulcer It is also beneficial in indigestion and stomach bun relief due to indigestion.
  • Liquid Marshmallow Root and Marshmallow Flower extract will help in repairing damaged body cells and also helps in re-generating new cells.
  • Marshmallow Root extract helps in controlling blood Cholesterol level by increasing HDL Cholesterol, which is beneficial in heart related diseases.
  • Marshmallow Root Tea / Extract helps in crating saliva in our mouth, and helps to get rid off from dry mouth problem.
  • Marshmallow Root and Marshmallow Flower Extract helps in disease like PMS & Menopause, helps to retain body water and helps in reviving urinary problems in body.
  • Marshmallow Root Extract is very beneficial for dry skin issue, By applying Marshmallow Plant extract Lotion helps to retain skin moisture and get rid off Dry Skin Issue.
  • Marshmallow Root extract is very effective on insect bite and skin irritation, by applying Marshmallow Lotion cures itching caused by insect bites.
  • Marshmallow Root Tea consuming twice a day helps in creating acid reflex coat inside our stomach and helps in in curing digestive and gastric diseases. Drinking regularly Marshmallow Root and Flower Extract Tea is beneficial on purifying kidney and preventing forming of kidney stone.
  • due to antiviral and antibacterial properties of Marshmallow Root it is very beneficial on keeping body energy up during viral sickness.
  • Marshmallow Roots and Flower Extract rich of vitamin C and and immunity boosting properties which helps in keeping our body and lungs function properly. There are several expert studies which shows the effectiveness of Marshmallow Root use on combating lungs cancer. It is advised to consult doctor before trying the medicine during Lung Cancer Condition.
  • Marshmallow Root Extract is a natural Hair hydrator which helps in growing Thick Hair and help in curing hair related problems due to its mucilage protean contains. Applying conditioner or Herbal paste made with Marshmallow Root Powder help in keeping hair Healthy and Glowing.

Precautions to be taken during consumption of Marshmallow Root / Marshmallow Flower Extract

There are very limited studies available on consuming Marshmallow Root / Marshmallow Plant Extract during pregnancy and after surgery or during diabetic conditions so it is advised to consume it after consulting with doctor

We hope you like above information on Marshmallow herb, and hope you find it useful in your day to day life.

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