Our Body pumps iron continuously through our vain on our body every day. Iron is essential to produce hemoglobin which is a part of red blood cells, Which helps to carry oxygen in our lungs and remove carbon dioxide from our body. Iron can be the main element of our body

Iron Deficiency Issue

If our body dint get sufficient iron through our daily diet, then it automatically lead’s towards iron deficiency, This can also become sever and may turn anytime into anemia which is a serious and life threatening health issue.

Iron Deficiency Symptoms can be as follows:

Pale skin and fingernails
Sleepiness and lack of energy
inflamed tongue

Food useful to fight with Iron Deficiency:

Non Veg Diet

non veg Food is also useful to fight with Iron Deficiency
Roasted Chicken

Our body fast absorb more iron from animal sourced diet than plant based diet. Some of the best animal sources of iron are:

1] Lean beef
2] Oysters
3] Chicken
4] Turkey

Vegetable Diet:

Food useful to fight with Iron Deficiency
Vegan Best Iron Food

Although our body absorb less iron from plant based diet but every bite of vegetable diet count’s with other numerous nutritional source like vitamin C along with iron which is essential for immune body. Some of the best plant sources of iron are:

  • 1] Beans and lentils
    2] Tofu
    3] Baked potatoes
    4] Cashews Almonds & Other Dry Fruits
    5] Dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach
    6] Fortified breakfast cereals
    7] Whole-grain and enriched breads
  • 8] Sprouted Cereals and Beans

Who people category may have high risk of Iron Deficiency?

The following category of people may face a higher risk of developing iron deficiency.

Pregnant Women: During the development of body inside a women body Increases requirement of more blood and usually more iron consumed to drive oxygen to the baby for it’s growing organs.

it is essential to Consult doctor or registered dietitian nutritionist before taking an iron supplement to pregnant women for better growth of baby and reduce threat of iron deficiency.

Young Children: Babies have more iron in their body for first six months, but After six months as soon as the body increases it needs more iron to be pumped in their body blood cells to produce more hemoglobin.

Breast milk and iron-fortified infant Food can supply the amount of iron not met with mother’s milk, Cow Milk & Mother milk can give nutrition but it needs more supportive to be given along to babies to reduce iron deficiency.

After consulting with Child Specialist doctors and Certified nutrition’s there are many cereal based and iron rich formulations available in your nearest pharmacy which can be given to newborns to reduce iron deficiency threat.

Adolescent Girls: Lac of Iron rich, inconsistent or restricted diets can put adolescent girls at risk of Iron Deficiency. And hence there is need to include more iron rich food in their daily diet to reduce threat of iron deficiency

Women of Childbearing Age: Women with excessively heavy menstrual periods may develop iron deficiency. along with period cycle more and more iron is reduced from a women’s body.

And this can add more risk of iron deficiency and anemia to women, A regular diet and on time consultation with a doctor’s may help women’s to fight with iron deficiency and anemia

Tips to Prevent Iron Deficiency:

Diet is an important factory to fight with iron deficiency, Eating a balanced and healthy diet including good sources of iron helps to prevent any such deficiencies. Daily Meal with Combine’s vegetarian sources of iron with vitamin C can also helps to reduce iron deficiency threat.

Such as: a bell pepper-bean salad, spinach with lemon juice, or fortified cereal and berries. Diet Food useful to fight with Iron Deficiency is the great option to cure iron deficiency issues.

It is very essential for everyone including an infant, an adult or an older, all need to go with annual health checkup to find health issues such as iron deficiency. an expert doctors and healthcare experts helps to assess assess iron deficiency in our body during our routine checkups.

Only doctors & dietitian can determine the accurate treatment to be undergone to nourish your body with rich iron source. The treatment can also be as simple as that like healthy iron rich diet or any Iron Supplement or a simple multivitamin Pill that’s it.

health experts few times suggest taking iron supplement or Iron Tablets at the time when our body need’s immediate and heavy iron deficiency.

And it is always advised to consult your nearest medical practitioner about your body Iron Requirement.



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