We all know that a bowl full of fresh and colorful fruits and vegetables can be the best meal ever. Fruit salad with a simple squeeze a lime or added a pinch of salt can be a soul food for best health. But is Fruit salad always pass the health ranking? And the answer is not always. And so today we are going to share you information about Which Fruits Combinations to avoid and precautions during eating fruits.

We must know more about Fruits by its Acidic, sweet or neutral nature before mixing them.

First of all, we shouldnt mix all the fruits and vegetables with each other.

And secondly, thre are harmful health hazard of combining certain fruits with each other.

Mixing of fruits is basically depends on the speed of digestion quality of different fruits and vegetables.

We will see What not not to do while making your fruit salad:

While making a salad we should Avoid combination of Mixing Sweat and Acidic or Sub acidic nature fruits and vegetables such as Grapes, Cabbage, Beat Root, Carrot, Strawberries, Apple, Peaches, should not mixed with Sweat fruits such as Banana, Dates, Resins etc. otherwise this can create problems of in-digestion as well as nausea and acidity etc.

Here’s how you can combine your fruit salad bowl further.

Never Mix Melons with others:

Melons are special fruits. Those should never been pared up with any other Fruits, Because of its high water contains. Hence, Avoid mixing your watermelons, muskmelons, and melon category fruits with any other fruits and vegetables. Also avoid mixing salt with melon category fruits, because it can release excessive fruit juice or else this may cause digestive issues and diaharea etc.

Never Mix acidic/sub acidic fruits with sweet fruits.

Dont mix acidic fruits, such as grapefruits and strawberries, and sub-acidic foods such as pomegranates, Guava, apples etc. with sweet fruits, like bananas, Date’s or raisins to prevent in-digestn. But , you can mix acidic with sub-acidic fruits.
For a similar reason. mixing of acidic & sweat fruits can increase chances of nausea, acidosis and headaches.

Avoid Mixing Fruits with vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables have different digestive nature. Fruits have a quicker digestion nature, also fruits have more sugar content that can create problems in our digestive process of mixing it with vegetables.
Hence we should never mix orange with carrot as they may cause heartburn and acidity issue.

Avoid mixing starchy Fruits and vegetables with high protein ones:

Starchy fruits & vegetables such as Banana, Corn, Chestnuts, Potatoes should not mixed up with raisins, guava, spinach and broccoli, Mulberry, Blackberry etc. This is because your body needs an acidic base to digest proteins and an alkaline base to digest starches.

Below are few Harmful fruit combinations, Must avoid to prevent from Health Issues:

  • Guava And Banana should not combined or together eaten, as Sweat and Citrus combination can increase acidity and digestive issues.
  • Papaya And Lemon should not mixed or eaten at the same time, this can also increase bloated Stomach and digestive acidity issue.
  • Orange with Carrot should not mixed for consuming together.
  • Orange and Milk should not consumed together this can trouble your digestive process and increase acidity
  • Pomegranate and Apricot eating together can create acidic issues, and is harmful to our health.

Tips for consuming fruits

  • We can eat between 4 to 6 fruits at one time and not more than that, otherwise it can create Digestive health issue.
  • If you eat protein rich fruit on one day then on next day eat papaya which contains papain to settle the protein contains in body to balance level.
  • If you over-eaten salt on any day then eat water-based fruit such as muskmelon, watermelon etc. on next day to remove excessive salt from your body.
  • If you eaten excess carbs then next day eat apple to break the excessive carbs contains from your body to prevent bloated stomach.
  • Avoid adding salt or Ice, salt or sugar, Premix fruit salt in your fruit salad, as it can imbalance the vitamins contains in your fruit mixture.
  • Best time of eating fruit is in the Morning and afternoon, always avoid fruits eating in night time to prevent digestive acidity issues.
  • Must wash the fruits and vegetables before eating it with skin, as it removes the contamination from outer side of fruit.

Hope above information will be helpful to you while your fruits eating by knowing Fruits Combinations to avoid.


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