When not to exercise

Dear Readers, Doing Exercise regularly is a very useful tool which can not just improve our health but also it deeply impact on improving our lifestyle and success factor. And that’s why Today we are hear with the topic on When not to do Gym or Exercise? which can adversely impact on your health.

Yes, of course there are no restriction on mild exercise or body stretching timing when it is a normal exercise, But for the gym type harsh workouts there are few situations which can impact negative on our body.

Following are few situations when we should follow When not to do Gym or Exercise?

Lack of Enough Sleep:

In the situation when you are lacking of a good night time sleep, then you must avoid exercising activities, Sleep is a body rejuvenating activity when our body get energize and complete the natural process such as muscle relaxation and digestion.

And if you try to do Harsh Workout in under-sleeping body condition then you may get an immediate energy loss situation, which may leads to lack of energy and other health related issues such as indigestion, Nausea, and heart burn.

Stressful Situation:

Light exercise and Body stretching can help you under stressful situation, but if you are thinking of hardcore workout then it can have negative impact on your body. Stress already impacts on our body with loosing energy. Under stressful situations your mind is already facing difficult phase, And if you try to do Hardcore Gym Workout then it will again create adverse impact on your body. This can worsen your health situation by showing symptoms like nausea, instant energy loss and Acidity like Digestive issues.

Diagnosed Health Problem Situations:

If you are under medication and diagnosed situation of Heart Disease, Kidney Disease or Type 1 & 2 Diabetic situation, then you must avoid doing Sevier exercise practices. Because if you exercise or stretch your body more in such situations then it can adversely affect your body by loosing instant energy and worsening the disease.

Body Pain Situation /Joint Pains:

If you are feeling any type of Body Pain, Joint Pain, Neck, Hands or legs pain, then you must avoid harsh exercising practices.

This can lead to worsen the body pain and badly impact on your health situation.

Lack of Nutrition / Unbalanced Diet:

If you are not in a situation to provide Nutrition ./ Balanced diet to gain body energy. The your body don’t have energy in form of Protein & Calories to burn inside your body. This can leads to more body energy loss. Hence, you must avoid doing harsh exercise during under nutrition situation to prevent from bad health situation.

After hard physical work:

If you are going through a hard physical work, then you must avoid doing hard physical exercise of Gym, this can land your body into instant energy loss. This can also leads in Sevier damaging your muscles, and specially heart arteries & kidney section.

During weather based sickness Condition:

If you are feeling any weather sickness such as fever, Cough cold and energy loss like situations, then you must avoid doing hard gym exercises. Otherwise this can leads in loosing your body energy and worsen your health situation.

During Pregnancy condition for Women:

It is advised to avoid hard gym exercise for pregnant women’s, Under Pregnancy women can do a light exercises and Yoga only as per the advise of Expert Doctors.

What we can do if not able to do Hard Gym / Hard Exercise?

In all the above like situation, one must avoid doing hard exercises, But can go with a little very mild exercising practices such as a little walk, Yoga, mild body stretching’s, and Breath based pranayama’s like “Vilom-Anulom”, “Kapal Bhati” etc. to relax your mind and body.



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