25 Great Exercises for stronger back and improved body posture

If you’ve ever facing an issue of back pain, And if you are feeling frustrating with all the back pain issue, then don’t feel yourself alone because today around 60–80% of adults in Western countries are dealing with lower back pain.

And your body is based on back movement most of the time, while siting, walking or doing any work every movement engages your back part of your body, And hence back pain is really making you every pain full movement once you will be on with your daily activities.

And hence we like to tell you that the ultima solution on back pain is just strengthening your back muscles on a way it can absorb the movement and reduce your back pain.

And along with exercise you can strengthen your back muscles to eliminate extreme back pain issues.

For reducing back pan which muscles to be target?

During back pain muscle strengthening along with primary muscles you should also work on in strengthening your various types of back body muscles including spinal cod, latissimus dorsi (lats) (down side back area below the armpits) rhomboids (back mid-upper portion), trapezius(Area starts from your neck to your mid-back side) And your spine, all those are important back parts to be strong to reduce your back pain

And we would like to suggest below exercises one or combination of more than one exercise provenly results in strengthening your back muscles and reduce your back pain issue.

25 best back exercises for back pain reduction

We would like to make you aware about below very effective back exercise to strengthen your back and reduce back pain. You can choose any 3 to 5 exercises and do 1 set of each for 2 days in a week, And, increase it over the time as per your body comfort response.

by following all the exercises for few weeks, you will surely experience a reduction in your back pain and strong body and back muscles.

Caution: Before doing any exercise mentioned below including weight lifting and stretching, kindly first advise with your doctors, so incase of any body injury situation with you can be avoid their adverse impact.

1] The warmup / Simple Walking / Mild Running

We should stat every exercise with with 5–10 minutes of moderate warm-up, running or walking which helps your body in pumping blood and getting ready your body muscles. Also practicing a simple cardio or walk can also help to worm up your body muscles and reduce body ache.

2] Body Stretching Workout

Initial Body stretching also helps your back muscles under movement in a systematic way. It also removes muscle crimps, blockages and relaxes your back.

3] The Resistance band pull-apart Workout

The resistance band pull-apart is simple but very effective workout for back muscle strengthening

4] Various Lat pulldowns Exercise

The Lat pulldown can be a great exercise for strengthening back muscles, it provides a complete hand as well as back boy muscles stretching Muscles worked: Back extensions are great for targeting your back extensor muscles, known as the erector spinae muscles. They also target your hamstrings and glutes to some extent, depending on the variation you’re doing.

5] Suspended row or Suspension Exercise

Suspended row exercise uses your body weight, body balance and stability, this helps in stretching the three largest back muscles including the latissimus dorsi, trapezius, and rhomboids.

6] Wood chop Dumbbell or Ball Exercise

While doing Wood chop exercise it effects on Core body, arms, and back, which helps in strengthening our back muscle

7] Good morning or weight lifting exercise

Weight lifting exercise is an another beneficial exercise which target on many muscles including back, spine, hand, the back, Abdomen, glutes, hamstrings. This exercise helps in strengthening our back muscles to eliminate back pain
Daily 1 to 3 sets on each site for beginners should be enough, and can increase it periodically as per body response for better results.

Caution: High Weight lifting should be avoided and well consulted before doing with expert doctor. Because if a person is facing any type of Spine Surgery or back injury should avoid it. Otherwise this will make the injury more worse.

8] Wide bent-over row with dumbbell

The wide bent over row exercise with dumbbell helps in strengthening your chest, abdomen and back muscles including erector spinae, latissimus dorsi, rhomboids and trapezius

9] Barbell deadlift Exercise

Barbell deadlift exercise is an excellent movement exercise which helps in strengthening legs and back muscles, it also stabilize your shoulder muscle which helps in framing a good body posture
1 to 3 sets of at each side are enough for beginners, and can increase as per body response.

10] Superman Exercise

Superman exercise is an equipment less exercise which helps in good stretching your back muscles, this effects on good side on your body such as Shoulders, arms, spine, glutes, hamstrings, upper back.

11] Single-arm dumbbell Lifting Exercise

Lifting exercise of single-arm row helps in strengthening back muscles, it more emphasizes on stretching and strengthening posterior deltoids, latissimus dorsi, trapezius, teres minor and teres major (Shoulder Muscle’s).

12] Renegade dumbbell row Exercise
This exercise helps in developing upper and back middle body, improvise our body stability, and reduces body pain by strengthening back muscles, this also provide a good exercise to our Shoulders, hands, legs’, trapezius, rhomboids and abdomens.

13] Reverse fly dumbbell Exercise
The reverse fly exercise helps in improving body posture muscles this helps in improvising on back muscles, hands, rhomboids, trapezius and body posture balancing muscles.

14] Body Pullup Exercise

Pullup is a body back based popular exercise, this can also be done with pullup band now a days for specific muscle focusing.
1-2 sets of pullup is enough for beginners, and can be increases as per body response.
This helps on strengthening spine, shoulders, body balance, latissimus dorsi, trapezius, obliques, rhomboids, pectoralis major.

15] Forearm plank Exercise
planks is considered as a complete body exercise, which helps in structured movement of core back muscles an erector spinae.

This helps in good exercising of our Hands, Legs, Abdominal Shoulders, Arms, obliques, posterior deltoids, transverse abdominis, trapezius, rhomboids, latissimus dorsi and serratus anterior.

16] Seated Cable row Exercise

This helps in not just build your biceps but also help in stretching back muscles as well as latissimus dorsi and rhomboids and trapezius.

17] Chest-support dumbbell row Exercise

This is one of a good chest exercise which help in strengthening your arms, back and posture, as well as it also helps in relief to body muscles like latissimus dorsi.

18] Dumbbell pullover Exercise

Dumbbell pullover exercise helps in strengthening Chest, Shoulders and back as well as latissimus dorsi muscles.

19] High rotating plank

Rotating planks are a whole-body move. This helps in worming up your whole body and specially back spine muscles.

20] High pulley cable row Exercise

Pulley cable row exercise helps in improving the strength of your hands, back, Elbows, Shoulder.

21] Yoga Ball-Dumbbell pullover

A Yoga ball dumbbell pullover exercise helps in stretching your hands and back muscles, a 2-3 sets of this exercise daily helps in improving your body stability, Good posture and strong back.

22] Bent-over row exercise

A bent-over row exercise helps on strengthening key muscles such as Hands, traps, lats, and rhomboids and spine.

23] Rear deltoid fly Exercise

The rear deltoid fly exercise helps in strengthening upper back, traps, rhomboids, and posterior deltoids. 3 Sets of 12 each will be good for beginners.

24] Child Pose Exercise

Child pose exercise will helps in strengthening your back and abdomen muscles.

25] Sleeping and standing Body Twist Exercise

Body twisting helps in strengthening your body muscles specially back muscles and waist.

and last but not least,

for sure all above exercises will help you on your back pain, upon following on regular basis with your routine gym exercise. Just everyone make sure that before doing any such body exercise make sure taking a doctor consultation and inspection of body internal injury is important So it will save you from any possible after workout body injury.

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