Benefits and Usage of CBD Oil

CBD Oil is a cannabis plan product. Cannabis plants are majorly used in making medical drugs, in many counties in the world Cannabis plants are not free to use, there is need of Govt licenses to be obtain to produce cannabis plants and extracting their oil and making other cannabis products.

Cannabis plants have psychoactive properties which affects on human nervous system, There are three types of Cannabis plants Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica & Cannabis Ruderals, upon drying these plants we get one product which have various names such as weed, Marijuana or pot.

Direct consumption of the cannabis plant products are restricted to medical and licensed use, and there are two types of products made from Cannabis plants are CBD & THC and by mixing it with hemp or oil.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is extract of cannabis plant diluted in Coconut Oil or hemp seed oil. CBD Oil is mostly used in various products including dietary supplements, Bath soaks, Medicines, Drinks and food products.

What are the benefits of CBD Oil?

1] Short term pain reliever

CBD Oil can be used as a short time pain killer, mostly used in diseases like arthritis where patient pain controlling can be done with the help of CBD Oil

2] Treating mental disorders

CBD Oil can be used in various mental diseases including lowering Anxiety and Post traumatic stress disorders. CBD oil is also used in treatments of diseases like insomnia, drowsiness, agitation or sexual disfunction.

3] Cancer treatment pain reliever

CBD Oil can be used during cancer treatment as pain reliever and anxiety remover

4] Blood Pressure Control

CBD Oil helps in lowering blood pressure, so the patient with High blood pressure can be treated with CBD Oil to normalize their high blood pressure.

5] Relief during mental disorders

The people with physiological problems are treated with CBD Oil and CBD Products to lower the impact or psychic disorder.

6] Sleep disorder

The people with sleeping disorder can be treated with CBD Oil and related CBD Products to relieve from sleep issues.

Cannabis plant products have below short term benefits.

1] It Helps in relaxing mind, Lower anxiety and depression, because it directly affect on our mind and body nervous system.

2] It helps in more focused behavior.

3] It helps in increased appetite

4] It helps on decreasing any type of body pain for short period of time.

Side effects of Cannabis plant products

1] It can increase nausea

2] It may increase heart beating rate and pulse rate.

3] may increase anxiety upon high dose consumption.

4] May decrease blood pressure in some cases.

5] Loosing mind control and paranoia is another symptom from cannabis

6] Change in Appetit and weight loss can arise with usage of CBD oil and CBD Products with High doses.

7] Diarrhea and digestive diseases can arise with CBD Oil or Cannabis plant products consumption

Long term effects of cannabis plant product consumption

1] Brain damage and lack of intelligence can be caused due to use of high cannabis products

2] Habit of taking cannabis can make a person totally dependent on it, and upon non consumption may increase anxiety, mental instability and cannabis use disorder in teens who heavily consumes cannabis products

3] Respiratory diseases like Asthma & COPD can arise with high smoking of cannabis weed.

Final about CBD Oil and Cannabis Plant produce usage

As there are very less studies available which shows the real benefits and side effects of those cannabis plants, CBD is safe to be use only with THS, Alone CBD is always harmful to our physical as well as mental health.

It is advised to take expert doctors advise before trying any CBD or cannabis plant based product including CBD Oil.

CBD with THC Combination are used medically but their long term side effects are unpredictable, hence there is need of more studies on products usage like CBD Oil, and precaution to be taken before using Cannabis Plant based products.

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