Monkeypox Symptoms, Cause and Treatment.

In year 2020 there was a hit or pandemic Covid 19, and today in year 2022 again another disease is on the door to the mankind which is monkeypox.

Cause or Monkeypox disease?

Monekypox is person to person transmitting zoonotic disease which have shows flu like symptoms and skin related issues. This is initially transferred from animals to humans and now it is transmitting from person to person through physical interaction. The source of monkeypox disease are central and western African region.

Primary Symptoms of Monkeypox

1] Fever, Body ache, nausea and fatigue can be the initial stage monkeypox infection.

2] Skin related issues including, skin rashes, blisters, red bumps, Pus filled pain full blisters, are found on hands, feet, genital section, etc.

Is mokkeypox disease deadly?

There is no need of panicking from Monkeypox disease because there are treatments available and is less deadly than any other disease. But yes its pain full and disturbing disease, and the main threat is that is is mass spreadable from one person to another through contacts.

What are the treatments available on Monkeypox?

Yes the CDC tecovirimat (also known as TPOXX, ST-246) in form of pill and and shot is available today to treat the monkeypox disease. Also there are many available medicines which can use to treat the skin related issues arise during Monkeypox infection.

Monkeypox is a zoonotic disease which is originated from animals and spreadable in humans through contact, Monkeypox is originated and spreading in central and western African countries, so if you travelled from those locations or if you are physically contacted with any person who travelled recently from this region then you must take care and upon finding any symptoms kindly seek immediate medical assistance and self isolation.

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