What is Lean, Sizzurp, Purple Drank? – An Hippie drug

Lean is started and become popular during hippie culture in Central America and specially from Houston Texas, during end of 19’s era, Lean is also known as purple drank, sizzurp, barre, and Texas tea. this is a simple of cough syrup Contains promethazine and codeine added with soda, hard candy or alcohol.

This pleasure drink was popular from old era of hippies and was consumed as a Cheap substitute of Beer and wine which was quite expensive at that time.

Another popular drug like LSD are also born on the same time when hippies was looking for the alternative of alcohol for High experience.

The name to the drink “Lean” is because it lean a human due to its direct impact on human Central Nervous system. this puts a person actually lean and un-conscious upon drinking.

How did lean become so popular drug in America?

People were already misusing Cough Syrups and its substances codeine for drug addiction. which is the main ingredient in lean,

Bu during Hippie and POP culture “Lean” created its dominance and it male lean more popular by all the time.

Rappers and singers like Justin Bieber have been singing “Lean” praises in their songs since the late ’90s since.

How lean culture is spread very deep inside the people following pop culture that many celebrities were exposed by Lean’s consumption and carrying.

New Reports suggest that Lean consumption is a major factor in Lil Wayne’s ongoing hospitalizations
Bow Wow also open up on social about that he was under almost dying situation due to his addiction to lean.
in year 2013 The late Mac Miller also mentioned his addiction about drugs and specially of lean.

Also along with Singers many high-profile athletes whose lean-related suspensions and hospitalizations were continue on news.

What’s in Lean exactly made of?

Most common ingredient of Lean is a prescribed cough syrup containing the opioid’s like codeine and the antihistamine promethazine.

Mixture of this cough syrup with soda, alcohol, hard candies such as Jolly Ranchers is popular among the users.

Other variations of purple drank or lean is a combination of codeine tablets with cough syrup and soda.

The amount of each ingredient varies as per the taste choice of addicted person.

Is Lean use is legal?

Yes anyone can make his own version of Lean, but with simple available ingredients in market but after finding its misusage, The Drug Enforcement Administration classifies codeine as a Schedule II controlled substance when it’s a single ingredient.

And due to administrative regulations all products containing codeine are only available with a prescription.

The distribution or manufacturing of Codeine based cough syrup without a license is illegal.

Cough syrups containing codeine fall into the risk of misuse category as lean users are popularly misused it.

There are few cough syrup available without a prescription, but at few places it’s sale is permitted only to the 18+ years old consumer.

What Lean effects on human body?

upon consumption High Lean dose it creates an ecstasy feeling and relaxation due to its direct impact to brain and body nervous system. It makes an addict feel like floating from himself.

It impact’s on body’s central nervous system (CNS) and slower brain activity and create a sedating effect.

What are the Bad effects of Lean High Doses a Mixture of Codeine, DXM and alcohol or any other drug?

It creates hallucinations effect on our body
it creates extreme sedation and fees loss of coordination of body and brain as well as our body parts.
It extremely increased body temperature
It can show symptoms of nausea and vomiting and itchy skin upon High Consumption
It can also create constipation, stomach pain and diarrhea like situation.
It changes the heart beat rhythm
Lean High Dose can create respiratory issues and body dizziness
after lean consumption a person can loose his consciousness as it goes high
Trouble in breathing
delayed in body skills, reaction time and poor judgement
Brain dysfunctions
The most serious effect of mixing alcohol with cough syrup is respiratory depression which impacts on oxygen supply to brain
and this situation can create coma, or death of the person.
Mixing lean with any other ecstasy of drug can create a very harmful impact on your health, such as complete liver damage and heart failure.

What are the signs of “Lean” Sevier Body damage?

yellowing of body skin
whiteness in eyes
abdominal pain
nausea or vomiting
dark urine and tarry stools
dark, tarry stools
Loss of Digestion
Loss of body Activeness

Addiction symptoms of Lean

Lean or Purple drank can create a habit and dependence in the addict and create lethargic upon not consuming.

Is lean addictive?
Lean is very addictive due to its ingredients, which increase the production of dopamine in your brain and give you a different feeling upon consumption which body adopt when time flees

What are the Signs of a lean addiction?

It create more demand by the time addiction increases and body needs more high.
Once Lean addiction took over a person then he cant stop it anyhow, which harms his personal and social life. It automatically create a stressful situation upon addiction, so a person cant stop Lean

What are the Lean Non-Consumption symptoms in body after addiction?

nausea and vomiting
stomach cramps
loss of appetite
enlarged pupils
fever and chills
body pain

Can Lean Consumption may kill a person?

Yes definitely Lean is a very addictive and dangerous thing, and there are many cases including celebrities who are died with lean high dosing include the deaths of rappers DJ Screw, Big Moe, Pimp C, and Fredo Santana. Taylor Hawkins a popular drummer, Dwayne Haskins a NFL Player & Tony Hseih a wealthy American Businessman and counting more on.

Lean consumption impact on our Central nervous system with its high dose. This result in lowering heart beat’s, disturbed lungs functions and damage kidneys.

What are the Lean High Dose Symptoms?

It can create nausea and vomiting
It can make your mind confused
It can blur your vision and create hallucinating effect
It can feel you trouble in breathing and low pulse
It can lower the Blood pressure and create un-consciousness or coma like situation

Do we avoid Lean Consumption?
Yes a wise person must avoid Lean Consumption. A person who really wants a good life should avoid lean or any harmful drug including alcohol consumption right at the first time. And still if self addiction is happen then should be ready for further body damaging consequences.

Is there any help available on Lean Addiction?
Yes, there is a drug addiction relief facility available at central hospital’s in every country, those rehabs helps a person to come out of addiction situation, but again it need own willingness and self awareness which helps you to stay away from Harmful drugs like Lean

Hope you are aware about the harmful impact of Lean addiction of human body and this will help you to stay safe for your good future.

Note: Our site does not promote Harmful “Lean Drug consumption”. We always aim on creating awareness about harmful impact of such drug and we always advise people to stay away from Drug Consumptions like Lean.

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