Dear Readers, Today are sharing you a very useful information about fatty liver diet food’s which will help in improving fatty liver condition. Fatty liver disease is a condition where our liver is aligned with too much body fat which produce threat to our liver functioning and increase chances of liver failure.

Out liver is a very active organ in our body, It filters our Blood fluid continuously in our body. Out liver Also filters body toxins and adds nutrients from the foods we usually eat in our daily diet.

But, When it comes to liver health, there are lack of information regarding all the foods which are Good for our Liver Functioning and cleaning. Also during diseases like hepatitis C it makes difficulty to our normal liver functioning and body nutrition, and waste removal.

Hence we are hear with few Food items which are liver-friendly and can help in strengthening liver.

Note: It is always recommended to consult with your doctor before adding any new food item in your diet for better results and suitability of the food to your body.

1] Beet root & Carrots

Beetroot fruit & Carrots are natural antioxidants, Beet root or carrot juice is one of the best liver friendly food to be added in our daily diet. Beat Root Juice is a very traditional liver detox food. Beat Root juice activates enzymes and increase bile and this process helps in liver detox.

Also beat root is high in betalain Antioxidant pigment and natural fibers which helps to reduce stress and inflammation in liver which helps to protect liver against oxidative damage.

2] Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are high with vitamin C & antioxidants and nutrients, which helps to naturally cleanse our liver liver and improve it’s functioning. Hence including citrus fruits in your daily diet will be a very good for liver health. Daily consuming Citrus fruits like Oranges, Lemon, Ginger can be one of the best fatty liver diet food ever.

3] Avocados
Avocado’s are a staples food used in many parts of the world in normal cuisines. Avocado improved liver health. As per the research made in 2015 on Avocados’ is is found that avocado helps in lowering blood lipids and fats which helps in preventing liver damage.

Avocado’s are also rich with dietary fibers, sodium, Magnesium like nutrients which is very helpful to improve health, controlling body weight. Few Medical studies shows the usefulness of avocado oil in healing liver damages. And that’s why including Avocado in your daily diet not only help you in body nutrition but also help to your liver health.

4] Coffee
as per a medical study survey it is found that After drinking coffee, it helps our body to control the risk of fibrosis and liver damages.
The best way to drink coffee for health is to avoid adding sugars and artificial creamers in it. Instead of artificial creamers one can go with general fresh dairy milk, unsweetened soy milk, almond milk, cinnamon or cocoa powder.
Coffee also have a gray side of containing caffeine in it, Hence drinking more than 3 or 4 cups of coffee daily is not useful for liver protection. But yes limiting coffee consumption 1 to 2 coups a day is very healthy for liver.

5] Oily fish
Fish are one of the healthy food option which reduces inflammation and fat buildup in the liver and it improves liver functioning.
Specially oily fish such as salmon, Tuna, Sardine, trout’s are full of Omega 3 helps in reducing blood lipids when consumed two or more times per week.
It is advised to consult with doctor first before adding Oily fish of any fish oil supplement in your diet, because in certain conditions it is not recommended to consume oily fish.
Oily fish also also helpful on reducing risk of hepatocellular carcinoma and liver cancer cells formation. And as per study the people who consumes oily fish at least twice a week helps in lowering around 54 percent risk of liver cancer.

6] Olive oil
Olive oil helps in reducing the liver enzymes and liver fat which helps in improving liver health. Olive oil helps in reducing body calories ad producing Good Cholesterol (HDL) and helps in controlling body weight.
Changing your daily cooking oil with Olive oil can be one of the best fatty liver diet food which is also great for your cardiovascular health. Use of olive oil to sauté food items, and can be done like spreaders and sprinkle to make you food more fatty. Olive oil is one of the best healthy alternative for regular cooking oil.

Note: olive oil for deep frying is not useful for health, because due to heat all the nutrients decreases as Olive oils Burns. Hence using olive oil for deep frying food is not a good option.

7] Walnuts
Nuts are popular fatty health snacks, With its high anti oxidant properties like polyphenol, Omega 3 & Omega 6, it helps in reducing fatty liver disease. Walnuts are also a food part used during Mediterranean diet. Nuts can be used in daily diet food as raw or powder sprinkling on top dressing of salads, oatmeal, or yogurt etc.

Note: few people may have nut allergies hence they must consult with doctors about their present health condition and inclusion of nuts in their diet.

8] Complex carbohydrates
Eating Complex carbohydrates with balanced carbs, protein and nutrition contains in daily diet greatly helps in digestive, Liver and kidney disease controlling. Few of such complex carbohydrate food items are like, rye, wild rice, whole wheat bread, pasta, brown rice, whole oats, corn etc. are best during non alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Also there are few homemade detox health drinks which are very beneficial on fatty liver issue, which should be added in your daily diet plan for best results

  • Coffee
  • Ginger & Lemon added in Normal or warm Water will be best detox
  • Honey Ginger and Lemon Water can also be best Detox for Liver
  • Turmeric Milk / Turmeric Honey water can be nest liver detox
  • Lemon water is one of the popular detox good for liver
  • Green tea is one of the most popular liver detoxer
  • Grape Juice is also one of the best for liver Detoxing
  • Cotation of Basil (Tulsi) Lemon, Ginger, Turmeric & Honey boiled in water is also a best detox water mixture

Balanced diet is very much important to take care of liver health, lowering body cholesterol is good, detoxing our liver regularly is very important in improving our liver functioning.
Hope above details will help you to be informed about the best fatty liver diet food to be added in your daily diet for great liver health.

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