Mewing a popular technique to strengthen and reshape your jaws and eventually in this your also try to change face structure visibility from outside for enhanced look.

Just like we can work on our body by gym and diet we can shape it as we wanted, but is it possible with Jaws, that’s what mewing technique is a Gym for Teeth and Jaws to strengthen and reshape.

But you will surprise in hearing that today there are no perfect scientific studies available to prove the mewing technique benefits, or even will it work on you?

Mewing is a technique most popular through YouTube videos, in which many experts helps the users to do mewing with correct way.

There are three phases of mewing

1] Correct Posture

During mewing practices keeping straight and correct seating and walking posture is emphasis Primarily. And yes definitely a straight body posture improves our personality.

2] Close Lips and Straight Jaws

Keeping straight jaws and closing Lips in a correct way is another step in mewing practice. Habit of Closing proper lips and keeping your teeth properly helps in reshaping our jaws and we can see a changing in our face posture.

3] Practicing Tongue movement

During mewing practices Tongue movement is another important part. Keeping flat tongue on upper inner side of mouth and pressing it words helps in changing your face shape. And is one of the important practice in mewing.

4] Neck Movement

Neck movement is an another part under mewing practices neck movement is also a part of posture and face modification process in mewing. Practicing to keep neck in straight position is a part of posture change during mewing.

There are many expert people online available on YouTube and web, claiming the benefits of mewing for improved face and body structure with the help of mewing. Although there are no scientific evidence available about mewing techniques. But one can try them because those are not harmful one’s. those are like face exercise.

Is mewing harmful to us?

Mewing is just an physical exercise, except tongue exercise Other face, neck or posture correction practices are not harmful to us. Except for those people who are having any internal or external body injury everyone can practice the mewing.

Tongue movement is a difficult one, So, do as per your self comfort level, incase facing any issue during of after then please stop the mewing practice and take expert doctor advise.

We hope you like above information about mewing and it will be any how helpful to you.

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