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Male fertility and low sperm count is today’s common issue after 40 ages, or sometimes if observed in early age also. Male sperm count decreases due to imbalanced lifestyle, Lack of good diet, high dose of steroids for illness of Asthma like diseases, Drugs, Alcohol or cigarette like habits

Male sperm count is measured with Seman Analysis test, sperm motility more than 90% is considered as normal, and whatever below needs to take guidance of expert doctors to regain fertility in men.

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What are the causes of losing male fertility and low sperm count?

1] Male fertility can be affected with High consumption of Drugs, Alcohol, Cigarette & Tobacco products, so those should be eliminated from routine by a person if he wants to regain fertility and increased sperm count.

2] Heated Environment & excessive heat exposure also effect on decreasing sperm count in male’s so this should be taken care of.

3] Exposure with harmful Heavy metals like cadmium, lead & arsenic also lower the male sperm count, so exposure with such chemical should be avoided.

4] Excessive use of modern equipment such as cellphone, Laptop can also affect badly on male fertility so those should be limited. Radiation through those equipment effect on decreasing male sperm count.

5] Imbalanced diet with lack of vitamin D, C, E & CoQ10, Lack of good exercise also reduces the male fertility. Good diet is always important for full body nutrition and balancing fertility in both male and female.

6] Lack of body movement and continuous seating at one place also decreases male sperm count.

7] Consuming High Fatty Food increase body BMI which directly effects on lowering sperm counts in men.

Which Food and Habits help to improve sperm count?

1] Food enriched with vitamin C, D, E, CoQ10 are good to improve sperm count

2] Sprouts are good to improve sperm count, hence those should be added in our daily diet.

3] non-veg such as Chicken and egg are very help full to improve Male sperm count, hence those should be added in our daily diet is person is non-veg eater.

4] Including Fruits such as Guava, Pomegranates, orange, Banana, Avocados, Bell Paper, Blue Berries, Kiwi, Grapes, Tomatoes, Strawberries, Mangoes should include in our daily diet to maintain and improve fertility and sperm count.

5] Daily exercise boost male testosterone level which balances our Body Mass Index and improve male fertility and increased sperm count.

6] Consuming herbs like Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Ginsing helps to improve male fertility and sperm count, but this should be consumed upon confirming with health experts.

Balanced diet by inclusion of green vegetables, fruits and sprouts in our daily diet helps to improve fertility, along with daily exercise to maintain Body Mass Index helps to eliminate issues in fertility by improving sperm count.

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