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Dear Readers, it’s strange but true there are few Best medicines for health not available in any medical store in the world. Let’s know about them because after all ” Health is Wealth”.

For following are the best medicines for health not available in any medical store


Exercise is not available in any medical store, exercise is the medicine which makes your whole body strong, improve your body oxygen level, regularize your digestion. lower cholesterol and save you from various Sevier diseases like heart attack.

If you make yourself habitual towards exercise with a strong determination, this will definitely help you on maintaining your health in the long run.

Walking in Morning / Evening

Morning and evening walk is another best medicine for our health rejuvination. Morning walk helps your body to increase body movement and improved body oxygen level.

Morning walk helps you to improve your breathing and strengthen your cardiovascular system and prevent from cardiac diseases.

a few minutes of power morning walk helps you to make a physical body movement and keep you energize all day.

Fasting / Upvas

Fasting is a medicine which heals your digestive system & help your body to remove unnecessary blood cells.

Fasting helps to burn your extra fat & calories when you don’t eat your extra calories are burned and this helps to lower your cholesterol and eventually helps you to lower your weight.

As per a study presented for Nobel Prize Winning Research on Cell Aging. Japanese cell biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2016 for his research on how cells recycle and renew their content, a process called autophagy. this method also includes intermittent Fasting technique which helps to reduce cancer cells.

Hence, fasting is a unique method and a part Vedic lifestyle since Ancient India and also popular in few Asian & Muslim countries which has devotional meaning as well as health related benefits.

Family Meal

Family meal is also an important lifestyle medicine, because family meals are taken together on a specific time which helps in missing meal delays & helps in good nutrition as well as digestion.

Over a family meal we talk with each other, this relieves stress of family members and spread positive vibe which is good for anxiety removal.

Laughter and Comedy

It is an old wise saying “Lafter is a Good Medicine”, which is true because laughter and comedy helps us with happy feeling. Laughter is the moment when we relieve from anxiety and depression like issues.

Laughter helps to improve our mood and brings in a positive energy within us, so we can face any difficult situation.

Laughter enhances our oxygen intake in our body, and helps to strengthen our cardiovascular system, our lungs and heart.

Laughter helps to stretch our face which helps in anti-ageing. laughter release endorphins in our brain which helps to relieve mental stress.

Good Sleep

Sleep works as like a medicine for our body and rejuvenate our body cells. A Good sleep helps to stimulate good digestive processes and helps to reduce many diseases which causes through indigestion.

A good sleep relaxes our body muscles and improve our body cell production, which helps to gain in more strength and energy for next day.

Good sleep helps in improving our concentration and eye vision by stimulating proper working of our brain cells.

Talking, Mixing & Understanding with other people

Talking & mixing with other people helps us in not only relieving stress but also helps to grow our personality and relation with others.

Talking helps to understand other people and we can grow more mentally & by contacts with other people which is very helpful for our future success.

We can’t understand people without talking and mixing with them, this helps to grow our Friend circle as well as this helps to enhance our public speaking skills and people management.

Decision to Make every day a happy day

Self-Happiness is a very effective stress buster, our decision to make ourselves stay happy every day, helps to become more positive towards our life. This impacts not only on us but also on people surrounded with a positive vibe and mental strength from your behaviors.

Positive Attitude

Staying positive in any situation will help you not only reduce depression but also provide you mental and physical strength to overcome difficult time.

Our Positive attitude towards life not only impacts ourself but it also enlighten with strength to the people surrounded by us.

Staying positive helps to reduce mental stress, which helps to control on anxiety and stops further health loss which arises with stress.


Praying for wellbeing of our family and our well wishers can be a very effective stress buster and positive energy cration practice.

Praying helps to gain mental strength and provide us energy to overcome the difficulties in our life.

Praying for others as well others praying for us helps to create a kind of positive energy which helps to overcome any type of negative situation.

Love and Thoughts of Good for All

Our love and empathy for others helps us to become a good human being. and a good human being is a person who makes a friend from an enemy if we treats him with love and empathy.

Our love and empathy help to strengthen our mind and positive attitude towards our life.

Out good thinking for others makes us happy and save us from jealousy which is one of the biggest mental disturbing diseases.

“Mauna” / silence

Silence is a best remedy for conflicts and unhappy moments, we should learn when to speak or express and when to be silent, our silence can be a tool of dodging negative energy.

Silence helps to control on our immediate reaction and given us time to save from conflicts.

Inner Peace / Mental Peace

Inner Peace is one of the best remedies to avoid mental stress, Inner peace can be achieved with meditation, by going into positive environment or thinking positive. Inner peace helps to gain mental strength to overcome the difficult time.

Good friends

After all good friends are essential medicines for a happy life. and we can get each and every medicine shown above through with our best friends. we can’t buy true friendship we have to gain it through trust and understanding each other’s.

We hope now you are aware of best medicines for health not available in any medical store, hopefully this article will help you to live more happy life.

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