health wellness latest trends in fitness nutrition and mindfulness

Along with rise in pollution and lower nutrition, increasing disease threats and decreasing immunity is alarming all over the world. We wise people are now learned a lifetime lessons to work on our improved immunity and fitness through taking care of our health wellness. And in accordance with that lets discuss about various health wellness new trends in fitness nutrition and mindfulness.

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Health Trends

Health Wellness is not a new concept for us, since ancient time our ancestors are learning from nature and their experience and also have written the great life living lessons with healthy life in many ancient scripts including Indian Vedas. And when the whole world is shaken by COVID-19 pandemic we all people are more awake and aware of improved health need. And there are new trends are generating useful health and wellness products and healthy lifestyle patterns for the people. India has already done well during covid-19 by promoting healthy lifestyle patters, and now people are following the wellness trends such as Vaccinations, routine health checkups, healthy diet, drinking “kadha”, daily doing gym, Pranayama, yoga and exercises.

And those trends are boosting new health wellness products and services demands to serve a large group of consumers. This is followed by many new companies who are working well for their consumers in health wellness sectors such as Gym’s, Nutrition Guidance Services and Supplement’s, Health Checkup Companies etc. And those businesses are researching, catching and creating great wellness trends to cope up with the increasing need and expectations of their consumers who is willing to procure various products and services for their health wellness.

Following are new trends are contributing to the growth of many health wellness business that contributes to its growth and changing many peoples view towards wellness. Health and Wellness business are like a tree where it’s leaves are the new trends, its roots represent unique selling point. and it’s shed represents a quality of service and products to its consumers with benefits.

Trends could be vastly changing and hence those wellness businesses need to catch up latest trends on time and mend their products and services accordingly to achieve growth in their business by serving Better to their consumers.

New Trends in Indian Wellness

1] Government Agencies / Ministry for Wellness – AYUSH Ministry:

Indian Government have empowered people’s wellness through AYUSH Ministry, who is working with various state and central agencies by empowering local health wellness facilities and awareness to consumers.

Government is working on various programs through health ministry to promote, empower and improve the wellness of people of the country.

health and wellness - health wellness latest trends in fitness nutrition and mindfulness
AYUSH Ministry Logo – Govt of India

The Ministry of Ayush (AYUSH), a new ministry of the Government of India, is responsible for developing education, research and propagation of traditional medicine systems in India. and this will definitely contribute to facilitating and promoting wellness among the people of India and Abroad.

2] Nutritious Diet:

our diet plays an important role in our well-being, and with the rising popular trend of nutritious and balanced diet many food & beverage Manufacturing and service organizations came forward and add to add a nutrition in their products and menus to service their clients need of healthy food and beverages. Adopting a nutritious and balanced diet is a base line to improve our lifestyle towards healthier one and reduce the threat of many diet-based diseases.

Fitness diet - health wellness latest trends in fitness nutrition and mindfulness
Fitness diet

3] Wellness Specialists / Nutritionists / Diet Experts / Health Coach:

This health and wellness trend helped many people to pursue a career in health and wellness sector due to its lucrative monetary and social benefits and future growth. Many institutes are also come forward and offering a health and wellness, Fitness Training and certification with the accreditation of various government and overseas renowned health institutions. And this wellness education will help forward in making people more aware about healthy way of living, which create more demand for health products and service, and will eventually grow a wealthy economy,

health and wellness - nutritionist - health wellness latest trends in fitness nutrition and mindfulness
Nutritionist Consulting Services

4] A surge in demand of facilities by people for staying fit such as Sports complex, Gym’s, Yoga Classes, Naturopathy, Meditation, Zumba etc. Classes:
In recent years, we can see a tremendous growth in the number increase of fitness centers, gyms, and yoga classes, Sports Complexes, and Health studios in India. Health and Fitness is among the niche segments which is today facilitating many people for burning calories, being in good shape and acquiring healthy lifestyle. And our Ancient Vedas also emphasizes on acquiring good healthy by describing it as a “Health is wealth” with adopting healthy lifestyle, including good diet, daily exercise and meditation, and the proverb, ‘Old is Gold, ‘ very perfect suits to this situation.

surya namaskar for back pain
Yoga – Surya Namaskar

5] Fitness Gadgets / AI Based App’s:

Now a days we can see people are widely using smart fitness watches, fitness gadgets and mobile based fitness applications to track and maintain their health and fitness. People are using calory trackers, various instant app-based health checkups such as “Nadi Pariksha” Heartbeat, Oxygen Tracker, Calory Burning Tracker, Steps Counter etc. people are now a days widely using those fitness apps and gadgets to track their fitness to become healthy. This created many electronic companies to come forward and add a fitness feature in their mobiles, App’s and Wrist watches. These gadgets now a days have started AI Based technology enhancement initiatives for providing best of the best fitness facilities to their consumers and this trend is benefiting consumers, Businesses and Country’s economy.

health wellness latest trends in fitness nutrition and mindfulness
Fitness Gadgets

Also, in addition to the above Indian Government is advancing and planning to lure foreign and local investments opportunities in health and wellness sector through its Make in India initiative. This trend has also boosted the number of start-ups and businesses increased in the wellness sector.

And due to above favorable circumstances, and through a sudden wellness trends hike after pandemic. are taking forward our country to support to the entire world’s wellness need and also helping a Nation in achieving a real wellness goal as well as growth in economy of the nation.

We are always hoping for a good of our dear readers by increasing their wellness forever through by visiting website and through our articles.

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