Cancer Prevention Essentials!

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Today cancer is the Most Common Disease and the deadliest threat for humans. Changed lifestyle and environment changes led to Cancer diseases grabbing humans fast.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is Chronic De-Generative Diseases. Where a Clotting or a Tumor abnormally grows in our Body vital organ which destroys body cells and stops functioning of the essential organ with lowering immunity.

When we feel cancer clot it’s already a few months gone. Because today we don’t have the efficient medical technology to detect cancer on early-stage. only our self-awareness and periodic health check can predict it.

Caner slowly containment our health, and can be detected only at Serious stage. Only our Self-awareness can prevent cancer.

Precaution for preventing cancer!

  1. Smoking and consuming Tobacco can be the reason for Caner. Nicotine is a health hazard and may spoil our internal organs and create cancer clots. Smoking including Passive smoking must be avoided because, Tobacco smoke, inhaling unknowingly invites cancer. For peoples living with chain smokers. Consumption of Tobacco also harmful and may create mouth cancer. This can be avoided only by quitting those nicotine habits. Regular Cancer Checkup is necessary for Smokers and Tobacco Consumers.
  2. A polluted environment can also invite to cancer disease. Covering the nose and mouth is necessary for the prevention of polluted air contents from entering the body through breathing. While traveling through a car it’s important to check the Pollutant level of your car for decreasing Air pollution. Car internal parts made of plastic, So, while heating, it releases harmful fumes that contain Benzine chemicals. Which may threat of cancer. So, it is advised in the Car Heating condition opening the car window and freshen up the air.
  3. Our today’s Food lost its nutritional value by hybrid processing. As per a scientific study, along with the newer generation, our food lowered 40% of its nutrition value. Also along with an increase in the use of harmful pesticides also contaminate our food, and such pollutant food can create cancers. So it is advised for using more Organic Food items and clean the food before consuming it.
  4. By not following a natural and healthy lifestyle and Diet issues can also create cancer clothing. The human Body haves ability to self-healing with good immunity. That’s why a good healthy lifestyle helps in preventing cancer disease.
  5. Good, minimum of 6 Hours daily sleep and balanced routine is most important for sustaining body energy, and immunity against chronic diseases is important.
  6. Routine workout, Yoga improves internal strength and lowering body Calories. Workout increases our body strength which also works as immunity against Such diseases.
  7. Exposure with more sun heat can also create cancer-like diseases, So, excessive exposure with heat must be avoided.
  8. Avoid any continuous painful friction of any body part. While doing any regular physical work can also create any clotting. So, such body damage must be identified and prevent on time.
  9. Excessive Consumption of Carbonated drinks or Alcohol may also create cancer clotting in our body.
  10. Non-movement of our body and sitting at one place for more period may also increase the fats and cancer clotting in our body.
  11. Constantly using cell phones harmful, due to its radiation Tumor and Cancer problem can arrive in our bodies.
  12. Eating Junk, Processed food can also create harmful cancer cells in our body, which must be minimized.
  13. Contacting Chemicals like Zinc, Alcohol, Spirit, Metallic Pigments, Resin Fumes, Fumes of Diesel and Petrol inhaling for a longer period may create cancer cells in our body, and this must be taken care.

Medical Treatment for Cancer

Available effective cancer therapy today is Surgery for removal of cancer tissues, Another is Chemotherapy where through radiation cancer cells being killed. Bone Marrow Transplant is a transplant of healthy marrow after removing unhealthy Marrow Cells.

Other therapies such as Drug therapy medicine used to kill the cancer cells. Immunotherapy where immunity increases to fight cancer and create antibodies for lowers cancer effects.

Anti-Cancer Food

  1. Fish oil or Cod Liver oil contains Omega 3 Acids beneficial for controlling cancer spread.
  2. Garlic is beneficial for control on cancer by it’s Antibacterial and Anti-Inflammatory properties.
  3. Ginger is a good detoxing agent for the Human body, Ginger also a good Anti-Inflammatory contains which helps in controlling cancer cells.
  4. Turmeric contains curcumin which kills the cancer cells, so the consumption of turmeric in daily diet is good for cancer disease control.
  5. Vitamin D is good for bone health in our body, And as per research Vitamin D also prevents cancer so we must eat Fish, Milk / Dairy Product as well as taking sunbath improves the Vitamin D in our body.
  6. Vitamin E is a Fat Soluble nature which helps in removing cancer cells in our body. So we can include Vitamin E Food such as Almonds, Avocado, Broccoli, Spinach, Lentils, Beans, and other vitamin E rich foods to prevent Cancer.

Cancer disease is very painful, So, every sufferer must believe in himself and the doctors and on the treatment. Also, he must engage himself in healthy practices such as Workout, Healthy Diet, Also he must make himself positive by going through the treatment process. Then only he can win over the Cancer.

All the above information shows the importance of Healthy Lifestyle, Regular Exercise with Proper healthcare for prevention of Cancer.

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