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For few persons and on long hours of traveling by car, train, plane, or boat sometimes makes you feeling sick, but no worries we are sharing you few important tips where steps by stop motion sickness can be reduces before it starts, you may easily come our of Motion sickness with following simple tips.

Most of the time we dont understand motion sickness. many Researchers believe the cause of motion sickness is activation of our body’s sensory and protection system during travelling with continuous moving medium, your eyes tell’s our brain that you’re not moving at all, but the systems in your brain and inner ear that control balance and posture (vestibular and somatosensory systems) say, “Yes we are!” This mismatch confuses the brain and causes a variety of symptoms, including:

Acute awareness of the stomach
Hyperventilation (in extreme cases)

medications definitely help to relieve these symptoms. But if you’d like to try overcoming motion sickness with natural ways then, following are some useful techniques.

  • Understanding the motion situation.
    Mostly passengers instead of The driver feels more motion sickness, because the driver’s brain is focused on controlling the vehicle controls and hence his mind can well predict the motion. Putting yourself behind the wheel will keep the queasiness at bay. If you must ride as a passenger, try sitting in the front seat and looking at the horizon, which confers a sense of greater control than riding in the back. If you get stuck in the back seat, try conversation and distraction to alleviate the anxiety of not being in control of the situation. Open a vent or source of fresh air if possible and avoid reading.
  • Limit Food / Drinks consumption.
    Controlling on consumption of excessive foods, drinks, and alcohol before and during travel may helps to overcome motion sickness or travel sickness. Avoid excessive alcohol, smoking, and foods or liquids that “don’t agree with you” or make you feel unusually full. Foods with strong odors, or ones that are heavy, spicy, or fat-rich may worsen symptoms of nausea or motion sickness in some people.
  • Find Comfortable seating position.
    Try to sit in more comfortable position and choose a seat where you feel less motion. The middle of an airplane over the wing is the calmest area of an airplane. On a ship, those in lower level cabins near the center of a ship generally experience less motion than passengers in higher or outer cabins. Isolate yourself from others who may be suffering from motion sickness. Hearing others talk about motion sickness or seeing others becoming ill can sometimes make you feel ill yourself.
  • Control on your your senses.
    If you feel that you are getting seasick or motion sick, lie down to help your sensory systems become stable. On a train, sit in a front-facing seat so your eyes relay the same movement cues as the vestibules of your inner ear. Also, when traveling by car or boat, it can sometimes help to keep your gaze fixed on the horizon or on a fixed point. The more you enhance sensory congruence, the less likely you are to get easy to motion.
  • Talk yourself to create position motion vibes.
    You actually can talk yourself out of motion sickness. A study found that “verbal placebos” — simply telling sailors they won’t get seasick — have been effective in preventing seasickness. Set your own expectations before traveling by saying aloud, “I’m not going to get carsick this time,” or using other affirmative self-talk. Learning breathing techniques by using biofeedback can help in this endeavor.
Headache is the most common symptom of motion sickness

Few more tips to control Motion sickness adverse effects.

Control on our senses
Desensitization therapy works for minimizing or even curing motion sickness. Expose yourself to short bursts of activities that cause symptoms, and then work up to longer periods. If reading a book in a moving vehicle makes you feel nauseated, try reading for five minutes and then putting the book down. Repeat the five-minute interval over several sessions, then increase to 10 minutes. Over time, you’ll find your body gets used to the activity.

Entertain your brain

Entertaining our brain is the way to make our brain fool and keep away from the senses of Motion sickness, hence listening favorite music and watching favorite program in case travelling as a passenger is the best remedy to control motion sickness.

Ginger Chewing remedy.
Some studies support using ginger as an effective preventive measure for motion sickness. At the very least, it can’t hurt. Take one to two grams of ginger half an hour before traveling for best results. If you’re on prescription blood thinners, consult your doctor before supplementing with ginger.

pressure points technique.
Pressure therapy is effective on motion sickness and worth a try — even if it’s just for the placebo effect. As mentioned above, simply convincing yourself you can get through a trip without motion sickness can help you avoid it. you can use pressure devices—such as wristbands with plastic bumps then use it to convince your brain you’re not going to get sick, it’s worth a shot. On the other hand, don’t waste your money on magnets. There’s no evidence magnetic devices marketed for motion sickness but are useful for mind control.

Control on thoughts.
Seasickness clears up on its own after about three days. Why? The human body possesses an enormous ability to accommodate situations like dis-balance between the sensory systems. Again, in the “think it away” category, you may rid yourself of symptoms if you understand and believe they’re going to clear up sooner rather than later.

If your children feels motion sickness, make sure to prepare them knowing the situation, which also goes away after the age of 12. Sharing this medical fact with kids always help your them to avoid feeling motion sickness further.

Medicate for disaster motion sickness.
Severe motion sickness must be treated with prescribed over-the-counter medications. These are most effective 30 to 60 minutes prior to when you think you’ll be sick, and can be sedating. If you’re a healthy adult with severe symptoms, you can talk to your health care expert on various options to relieve from motion sickness, such as during the first few days of a cruise. Be forewarned that it can cause drowsiness, dry mouth, and other side effects.

If motion sickness continues to be a problem, make an appointment with your doctor and take necessary medication to relief your motion sickness.

Most of the time motion sickness can be conquered with Good and energize lifestyle, daily exercise, a good sleep and balanced diet, so if we want to save from motion sickness is you travels a lot them there is a need of balanced lifestyle and on time medication to overcome motion sickness issue.

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