Giloy Kadha For Immunity Increasing

Giloy is a very useful medicinal plant which can be used regularly in form of tea of kadha to improve body immunity against viral diseases such as Dangue, Chicken Gunea, this is also useful to increase immunity against Viral Spread, Covid 19 & Omicron Virus spread.

Giloy is best for Type II Diabetes patient also because it helps to reduce diabetes effects on body by increasing body immunity, It also balance body sugar level and control diabetes effects.


Method of Making Giloy Tea / Glloy Kadha


1] 1 Giloy Stem near about 12 cm

2] 3-4 Neem Leaves

3] Basil / Tulsi Leave 10-15

4] Jaggery / Black Jaggey

5] Black / Rock salt for taste increasing

6] Drinking Water 3-4 Cups

Method of Preparation of Giloy Tea / Kadha

1] Take Giloy stem break it in parts ans put it in pan

2] Add 3-4 Cup of Water in the PAN

3] Boil it for 20 Minutes

4] add neem leaves in it (If you don’t like bitter taste you can remove it)

5] add Tulsi /Basil leaves & Black Jaggery / Normal Jaggery in it

6] Let the mixture boil till it remains 2 cups

7] Close the gas and Strain the tea with strainer or cloth in a Tea pot, Your Kadha is ready to consume.

Giloy Kadha

Giloy tea & Kadha is very useful to increase immunity against viral disease spread, and as per study during pandemic Kadha or Ayurvedic Tea is useful in Omicron & Covid 19 Diseases and can added in daily routine.

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