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Strong Immunity help maintaining Good health of every individual in today’s Hectic Life-cycle, We are discussing the importance of Immunity for a healthy lifestyle.

Our immune system fights with external as well as internal body threats. It sustains our energy level required for our routine work.

When we fall ill, our immune system works unknowingly to cure the illness.

The immune system consists of White Blood Cells, Special Organs & Body Harmon Chemicals.

Friends, there is a Good Old saying “Money can’t Buy Happiness to you if you lose a Good Health”

Friends, nowadays due to the hectic and stressful work environment, by not following a healthy lifestyle, Lack of Energy reach food & various fetal viral infections invite Diseases. Which causes Instant Body Energy Loss. It also makes us and our beloved ones in Unhappy State.

And, that’s why there is a need to understand our immune system. By changing our way of living and prepare ourselves with a good immune system to fight with illness.

Friends, we like to share Important ways by which we can change our habits, and improve our Immunity and Antibody producing capacity.

How to Boost Immunity System Quickly?

  • Restructure our Routine

Yes, our routine plays a vital role in our Fitness, “We Become What we Follow every day”. So, our routine is the base where we can bend ourselves towards a healthy & immune Lifestyle. Have a daily Good Sleep and avoid late or less sleep. We all have to first study our daily routine and bend it by following healthy habits every day.

  • Exercise & Meditation

Friends we must devote at least half an hour daily for Exercise. It can be Stretching, Yoga, Swimming, Cardio, or a simple Jogging in our yard. We have to start our day with a workout. It helps faster breathing and stimulates more oxygenated blood supply to all our body parts. It also helps to provide Stretch to our body parts and remove any Congestion from our muscles. with yoga, we relax breathing and relax the body to regain energy.

  • Healthy Diet / Natural Health Supplements

We must chose healthy diet plan out of traditional eating habits, then only we can achieve Immunity, We must plan our routine diet as per consultation and as per our body energy requirements according to our daily routine. If we are doing a desk job then we need less fatty, more Fiber & vitamin enriched food and for hard Physical Job need more calories, Fiber & vitamin-enriched food. Food should balance our energy requirements. More intake of Vegetables, Fruits & Natural unprocessed food makes our immune system stronger. We should consult with our Dietitian, Gym Trainer, or Doctor to recommend a perfect diet according to our physique. Many dietitian suggest to less use of Vegetable cooking oil, Using olive oil for coking can be a Great option. Eating seasonal Fruits and more Citrus Fruits helps our body to get all essential nutrients and eventually strengthen immunity faster.

Eating Plenty of Green Vegetables, Grains, Beans & Lentils helps in better body nutrition and maintain weight. Non-Vegetarians can eat Eggs, Fish, Chicken and Meat for instant body energy.

  • Say no to Smoking / Drinking

Friends, few habits like Smoking, Eating Tobacco, Drinking Alcohol & Drugs are not always good for our health for long term. We know today that those are the real bad habits with adverse effect on health. Also it doesn’t need any doctor certificate each time for its social and physical effects on a Person. If we are following them regularly then one day surely it shows its adverse effects on our health. But, we don’t bother to know it’s harsh impact & just for a few minutes of leisure we are flowing ourselves with it,which unknowingly took us to dark cave of unhealthy Body with painful illness.

Passive smoking is the most dangerous thing for our loved family in which we live, Can be we happy if we saw one family member with Sever illness, we must think once before smoking.

Alcohol and Drugs are also not great because they lose our mind control. The mind is the only thing which makes us human, if we lose our mind we become Animals. An Uncontrolled animal is very dangerous for society. So, we have to decide what we have to be, an Animal or a Healthy & Happy Family Person. It’s up to us how we can be strong to make ourselves free from those Bad Habits.
Remember those are a part-time pleasure but long time pain, and those we must avoid.

  • Keeping Body Hydrate

Friends we must drink plenty of water, Milk, Coconut Water, lemonade & Juices for making our immune system stronger. Liquid help our body to reduce the harmful chemical and revitalize our body Cells. We must drink 3 to 4 Liters of water every day. Water helps in smooth Blood Flow and also helps to Flow’s Essential Vitamin & Mineral to our vital organs. It also works as a Joint friction lubricant to work Body Bone joints smoothly. Expert doctors recommend for drinking warm water daily which helps in diseases like blood clotting & heart attack symptoms.

  • Enough Rest

A Good Sleep is very important to keep us healthy and immune, Sleeping process is a rest and restart of our body functions. A Good sleep relaxes our muscles and revive our body cells. Plenty of sleep helps in providing a Better digestion and a Refreshing Mood. A good sleep helps to rest our blood circulation system which also helps to prevent heart diseases. A Good Sleep is considered for an adults is 7 to 8 hours and Teenage Kids Up to 10 Hours.

  • Routine Health Checkup

Friends nowadays due to Pollution & less healthy food diets we are losing our body energy. with Low Energy, any kind of disease can affect us unknowingly. And finding any disease at its Sever stage is a life threat to us. So, we must visit the doctors for a routine health checkup to know our health status. With their expert consultation, we can make ourselves more immune & healthy.

Natural Super Supplements and immunity boosting foods
Along with all the above-mentioned tips, today’s time of viral diseases needs to quick boost to your immunity system and make your body fit to fight with Viral diseases. You must consult about Doctor about your daily diet and ask them for enhanced and right nutrition diet required according to your body. Below are few common supplements aka super food’s that can help you to boost your immunity instantly.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is considered one of the best Human Body immunize Vitamin. This vitamin can say an Army of Immunity. It help’s to prevent the common Viral cold. It also act as an antioxidant and protects against oxidative stress damage. For harmful infections like sepsis and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) Doctors recommend high dose of Vitamin C for significantly improvement in Health of the patient. Natural way to get Vitamin C are fruits like Avacado, Papaya, Orange, Lemon, Kiwi, Pineapple Grapes & Star Fruit.


Zinc is an another vital vitamin which is behneficial to strengthen WBC (white blood corpuscles), Which also helps to fights infections. Zinc deficiency can makes a person week against the flu, cold and viral infection. It is advisable to take a zinc supplement, especially for older people but after consulting Doctor. Naturally Zink can be supplied with inclusion of Food like Banana, Beans, Nut’s, Dairy Products, Whole Grain & Sea-Food such as Crab, Lobster on frequent basis.

Vitamin D

Another Supplement Vitamin D is also act as a protective against respiratory infections. Many people found diffidence of Vitamin-D Now a days. Hence it is better to consult a doctor before taking any Vitamin D supplement to boost immune response. Natural way to Get Vitamin D is Early Morning Sub Bath because sun rays contains loads of Essential Vitamin D

Elderberry or Boor Tree Fruit

Elderberries are full of essential minerals like phosphorus, potassium, iron, copper and vitamins, such as Proteins, vitamin A, B, and C, dietary fiber. Elderberries also have antibacterial and antiviral qualities which help to keep immunity strong & fight with cold and influenza.

Garlic & Turmeric

Yellow spice, Turmeric haves a compound called cur-cumin which helps to boosts our immune function. Garlic has powerful Anti-Viral & anti-inflammatory properties which helps to enhances Human immunity.

So, Friends we always look for more health-related information and to apply it in your real life. I can bet this only makes you happier than anything because “Health is Real The Wealth”.

Hope you like the above article, and you use the above technique to boost your immunity to fight against disease and have a healthy life.

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