LGBTQ Community Healthcare, Other Issues & Solutions

LGBTQ community is an integral part of Human Society, LGBTQ People are also part of today emotionally and physically evaluating Human kind. Many countries is the world have accepted the rights and social status of LGBTQ Community. But what about the healthcare of LGBTQ Community.

Today the world have started LGBTQ Community have given freedom and social status but there is a need of establishing proper medical and social care structure where they can be treated well according to their needs.

LGBTQ People Common Issues.

LGBTQ Healthcare

Healthcare is an essential part of human culture, and hence LGBTQ Community must gear up themselves to face the new revolutionary world, where they have gained social status and now they must openly speak about their health issues and without keeping any question in mind consult with Healthcare experts on their health issues and gain solutions to become healthy in their life.

LGBTQ Healthcare

Along with regular Exercise and Diet, On time medical checkup and medication is essential to them. and this is possible when they openly and without hesitating, consult with doctors about themselves and their partners health. And the doctors also support them to become healthy with proper treatment like other human being.

LGBTQ People are facing different kind of health issues along with common health problems. but there is need of more specific gender based study in our traditional medical practices, and more and more health workers should be trained to handle LGBTQ Community healthcare issues due to unique body structure and lifestyle.

LGBTQ Community revolution helped them to gain a social status in many parts of the world. but, it is not enough to fulfill their specialized healthcare requirements where a major reform is ongoing which is essential.

LGBTQ Psychological Issues

LGBTQ people may face anxiety and depression due to lack of social acceptance. Lack of Confidence and Financial Status, Un-stable and different family life without parental support, Lack of genuine friends. LGBTQ Person is just like another human being but with changed Body structure and different couple lifestyle.

Hence LGBTQ Community may face psychological issues and most common stress based diseases such as Anxiety and Depression, Hence Psychiatrist and social counselors can help treating and guiding LGBTQ Community people to handle such stress situations with the help of Meditation, Changing in lifestyle and Medicines.

So, LGBTQ People must learn to wipe out Negative thoughts from their Mind, they sometime should think like self centered and self caring person, and also learn to take the similar care of their Partner. They must seek consultation of Psychologists and Counselors who help them to come out from such stressful situation and live with New Normal Life with improved lifestyle.

LGBTQ Lack of Family Status

LGBTQ is accepted by Law in many countries, but many society and families are not at all ready to accept their family member with their LGBTQ Status. Hence there is need of LGBTQ People to come out from the stress of family status. And there is need of advocates and social reformers who help LGBTQ People to help gain their family status again.

LGBTQ People many time tries to hide their status from the family and this can be a very stressful situation. After revelation this can be a shock to a Family of LGBTQ Person. But, without hesitation it should be spoken freely and Families also should also accept the social reform and help LGBTQ Person to gain back his family status.

Many LGBTQ person have such family un-acceptance fear but they should remove it first with self centered thinking and then think family values. Because after all self Happiness is important.

There is need of reform in such special counselling machinery for LGBTQ People so they can handle such family emotional situations very effectively. And make their life happy with improvement in their lifestyle as per self will.

LGBTQ Lack of Partner Trust

LGBTQ People may found themselves in any such difficult situation where they may fear of lacking trust on their Partner. And is general because partner trust is important for a Couple life. And this can be solved by spending more time with the partner. having more and open communication which strengthen bonding with partners. Having more safe and mutually agreed couple time, Showing more Health and personal care towards self and partner can also help to strengthen the partner bond between LGBTQ Partners.

There may be such situations where breach of trust may seen sometimes. but both side should try to match up bonding first, and in-case even if such any critical situation occurs them both must consult with counselors and psychiatrists for effectively handle such emotional situations.

Trust can be bonded with open communication, understanding each others thinking and matching up behaviors and controlled actions.

Lack of Financial and Family Future

Due to social un-acceptance many times LGBTQ People have to face loss of Job or Loss of Business due to their LGBTQ Status, But they should not give up their life goals due to such temporary failures. Because failures are the part of success process that must be acknowledged.

There are very few companies who promote employing and treatng LGBTQ Community people with equality and with humanitarian way, But this can be changed with self determination and with excelling with own skills with more and more skill base education and dong more effort on learning new things by LGBTQ Person.

Such situations are normal in today’s risky economy and lack of social education and trust which is eventually going to change in future just self confidence and continuous focus on life goals and success is essential here.

In such situation partner and family bonding plays an important role where mutual support can help LGBTQ Person to come out from such tricky situations.

Financial condition can be change with supporting partners each others, bringing new ideas and having focus with tremendous efforts to be success in life.

There are now LGBTQ Adoption rights are also revealed by American Government and other countries are also positively working towards it, Which help LGBTQ Community to have a family life with legal child adoption. Which help them to live a normal happy couple family life like opposite genders.

Lack of Education & Training

There is no education or behavioral training is available specialy for LGBTQ Community due to a different and socially less accepted. Hence there is need of proper education of LGBTQ Community people so they can adopt a Healthy lifestyle and mental toughness, and make progress in their family and financial life, just like opposite gender couple Goals.

There are no special treatments for educating LGBTQ Community in traditional education and social behavioral system.

But with own willingness and positive actions and efforts one can get a Healthy and happy life for self and family, and thats the true key of living life for LGBTQ Community.

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