Magical Diabetes Benefits of Spiny Gourd / Teasel Gourd / Kartula / Kantola Vegetable

The Amazing Health Benefits of Vegetable Spiny Gourd / Teasel Gourd / Kartula / Kantola

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Its Monsoon time & you will see vegetable arrival of Spiny Gourd in market which is also called as Teasel Gourd , “Kantola” or “Karutla” in Local Indian Language.

  • Spiny Gourd is Very Beneficial for our health, This vegetable belongs to Bitter Gourd family, and hence it have many good health benefits as below.
  • Spiny Gourd are very high in fiber, protein, phyto vitamins & Iron, This fruit contains very less calorie ie. 17 Calorie in 100 Gram’s of Spiny gourd makes it a very good Healthy and low calorie vegetable.
  • Spiny gourd is less bitter in taste than bitter gourd hence Kantola can be a good healthy & tasty option for food lovers.
  • Teasel / Spiny Gourd vegetable is very good for digestion due to its fiber & anti oxidant, which helps in increasing digestion speed and increase food nutrition. Spiny Gourd works as a body cleanser, it’s Vitamin C & antioxidants helps in removing harmful chemicals from our body, and decrease the threat of deadly diseases like cancer, Heart Attack , etc.
  • Due to Low calorie & fat burning nature and its magical body sugar controlling properties this vegetable helps to diabetic & high / Low sugar patient to Healthy control on body sugar and relief from disease.
  • Spiny Gourd is also beneficial for our skin health & anti-aging benefits due to its flavonoids contains such as beta carotene, lutein etc.
  • Spiny Gourd contain Vitamin C which is good for seasonal immunity, and hence during Manson it helps in curing symptoms of seasonal Cough & Cold during monsoon season and become a healthy food option.
  • Spiny Gourd thorny skin is also eatable and full of nutrition value. While cooking it should be boiled properly in closed lid pots.
  • Spiny gourd / Kantola is insulin rich plant, and which makes it very beneficial to control blood sugar level in diabetic patients.
  • Spiny gourd contains Vitamin A, which is very beneficial to maintain eye health and get rid of common eye problems.
  • Spiny Gourd / Kantola having anti-allergic, Anti inflammatory & anti bacterial qualities makes it a good anti infection healthy diet food.
  • Antioxidants and flavonoids contains in spiny gourd / kantola helps to control on free radicals and enhance the life span of our healthy body cells, controls excessive body fat.
  • Spiny Gourd is anti inflammatory and intoxicating qualities which helps to get rid of forming Kidney stones.
  • Spiny Gourd is a low calorie and water based vegetable which not only help to energize your body but also helps to keep your tummy full which makes it best diet food for weight loss.
  • Spiny Gourd / Kantola Vegetable is very good for breastfeeding mother because it helps to decrease the infants vomiting problems.

Hence Kantola / Spiny Guard is very healthy option for Monsoon Diet

Spiny Gourd is also a very healthy Vegetable option of diet food due to its protein rich contains.

Spiny Gourd Benefits to Diabetes Patient

Spiny Gourd is Phyto-nutrient rich vegetable, and one of the insulin rich Vegetable. Diabetic patient can not only eat this vegetable without any worry but this also helps in healthy control on blood sugar level. And that’s why Kantola, Kartula or Gac Fruit is one of the best Food to eat during diabetes. So spiny gourd can be included in Diabetic Diet.

Spiny Gourd / Kantola / Kartula

Recipe of spiny Gourd Spicy Curry

Wash the vegetable & Cut the slices of Spiny Gourd, Skin of Kantola is very healthy & nutritious hence it is recommended to stay it as it is while cooking, After worming a Pan on Gas add Oil, Onion & Tomato Slices and Spiny Gourd Slices, Add Turmeric Powder, Chilly Powder, Vegetable Spices Powder Mix, Cumin Powder, Coriander Seed Powder and Peanut Powder. Add Some water to make gravy. Always cook in closed lid for 20-25 Minutes. you can add extra water for curry or add moderate water to make it dry as per your Taste Choice.

Kantola Vegetable is a Great option of health essentials like protein and iron source, It also fight’s with seasonal Allergies and seasonal sickness, Mainly during monsoon it is recommended to add Kantola in daily diet for its best of health benefits.

Hope you like above information on Vegetble Kartula / Teasel Gourd Vegetable and it will be useful for our health.

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