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Spices named as the kings in the world of cuisine.

India is the major spice producer & user country from ancient times.

but according to NCBI Exert’s research apart from taste spices also beneficial for health.

We would like to list out some important spices for you so you can use them for not only taste but also for health.


Cardamom used as a food flavor enhancer and mouth fresher. But, do you know it contains vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron Zink & Calcium, which helps in curing digestion, respiratory & skin related problems. Cardamom is used as a mouth freshener and digestive. also, used as a flavor enhancer in sweat dishes & lemonade.


Turmeric contains natural anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory quality, it helps in curing infections, Alzheimer’s, Depression, Have anti-Cancer Properties.

which helps in curing cough problems.  

Drinking warm milk with Turmeric helps increasing immunity,

It considered as the best antibiotic that can be used on minor cut wounds to stop the bleeding & early curing. Also, popular among Indian households as a beauty product along with Besan (Gram Flour) & Milk mixture used as a Beauty Face Pack.


Ginger widely used in cooking as well in Tea & Drinks in many countries. it helps naturally cleaning our Vain/arteries blockages. also, it benefits in heart diseases & high Blood Pressure.

Tea, Soups & Spicy Food along with Ginger relieves during Fever, Cough & Cold.

Cumin Seed

Cumin commonly used for taste & flavor enhancer in worldwide cooking.

Drinking a Quarter tablespoon of cumin seeds/cumin powder with a glass of warm water reduces body fat that quality makes it an important dietary supplement.


Garlic used commonly in daily cooking in India. which contains allicin, releases when we crush or chop it.

It benefits in heart diseases, lowering blood pressure & controlling cholesterol.


Cinnamon called a “Diabetic Food” which majorly used in Asian cuisine to enhance food taste.

Do you know it used for fat reduction also it magically helps in lowering cholesterol?


Chilly used all over the Globe as a Hot taste enhancer. But, it also helps in increasing metabolism for healthy Gut & Clears the body vessels.

Hope you all enjoyed the information on spices and their benefits. now it’s your turn to use the spices in your day to day diet to make it tastier & health.

Hope you like the above information on spices and their health benefits, There are many such spices which can be researched and used in daily cousin to enhance food taste as well provide essential nutrients to the body from those Spices.

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