Warm Water Drinking Health Benefits!

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Today we are providing you information on worm water drinking habits and its health importance.

“Water is life” of every living form on our Mother Earth.

Our human body contains 60% water and it is essential for proper body functioning.

But along with drinking plenty of water, healthcare experts are also recommending drinking lukewarm or warm water.

Warm water drinking has many benefits including Proper Digestion, Blood Circulation & Surprisingly a Weight Loss.

How to Drink Warm Water?

We can drink plain warm water daily in the morning before eating anything at the start of the day. For more benefits & taste we can also add lemon / honey / ginger etc.

Other than Summer we can drink warm water after frequent intervals in a day.

Important Note: 

1] At the time of drinking, Water must not be excessively hot, it must be drinkable warm to prevent harming delicate mouth tissues.

2] In summer we have to stop drinking warm water because due to outside hot environments some people may face mouth Ulcer Issues.

Below are some of good health benefits of drinking warm water.

10 health benefits to make you start drinking hot water
Warm Water Jar

Disinfecting Mouth

Drinking warm water is recommended in Morning after getting up from bed, it cleanses the mouth and destroys the mouth bacteria. Warm Water also helps in cleansing our teeth pluck & bad mouth odor. 

What are the benefits of drinking warm water in the morning? - Quora
Drinking Warm Water Best for Health

Digestion Enhancer

Health Experts recommend drinking warm water before half an hour of our meal, which helps to clean the digestive system & supports the gastric burning process and good digestion of food.

Water Disinfection

Nowadays our drinking water sources are mostly unknown and so there are chances of contamination by parasites in our drinking water, But when we make that water warm due to temperature, it removes the bacterial infection from water to some extent and makes it safer.

Weight loss

Drinking Warm water regularly enhances the digestion system by increasing metabolism, which results in burning excessive calories and weight loss.

Warm water is recommended by experts to drink half an hour before exercise to increase fat burning.

What are the benefits of drinking hot water? - Quora
Wight Loss with Worm Water Drinking

Proper Blood Circulation

Drinking warm water all day increases the heart rate, which leads to enhanced proper blood circulation. It also removes the vain clotting’s which helps to prevent blood clotting & heart diseases.

Detoxicating Body

lukewarm water increases our Mouth Temperature and kills the Bacteria from our mouth, It also increases our body temperature which causes sweating which leads again to detoxifying our body. 

Intestine Purification

Drinking warm / lukewarm water helps to clean the clotting of old body waste from our intestine,

which helps in relief from constipation & digestive diseases.

Relax Breathing

Drinking warm water and inhaling steam clears the nasal veins & relaxes our breathing system.

it also helps in relax breathing while cough & cold.

Drinking warm water is a really good habit and must be followed regularly for Healthy & Happy Life.

Precautions during Drinking Warm / Lukewarm Water

1] Warm water should be lukewarm and not Excess Hot or Near boiling point, drinking very hot water may arise internal burn injuries and more harmful to our health.

2] Excessive boiling water near or above boiling point may create a smell and different taste to water which might create an uneasy experience during drinking that lukewarm water.

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