Weight Loss – a Journey Towards Healthy Life

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Nowadays due to busy & changed lifestyles created a major problem against today’s generation an “Excessive Weight Gain”.

And it happens just due to changing our healthy habits towards unhealthy.

Today we want to share some useful information. with your carefully Reading & the persuasive following help you to lose that excess KG of weight from your body.

General Reasons of Weight Gain

Weight Gains by either stoppage in body movement, workout & intake of high calorie food.

Some peoples have Genetic reasons for Weight gain but finally, this can also be controlled if you follow the proper routine.

Tips to Control Excessive Weight

1] Cutting Junk Food / Oily Food will be your first step because if you stopped the intake of High Fat Food, your body will get fewer calories to burn and eventually leads to weight reduction.

2] Some people start following rigorous fasting or very minimal eating, but it is not the correct way, excessive fasting may weaken you, So, instead of fasting we start eating less calorie food, such as Fruits & Salads, Juices, Sprouts, etc.

3]  Another important is regular workouts, you can join Gym to learn some basic yoga and home workout, and follow it daily, and step by step add intensity in a workout for more fast burn step by step. If you start doing excessive work out you may face energy loss or body pain which prevent you to steady in following a daily workout, so just follow small workout steps & then increase the exercise time on weekly basis

4] you must try to quit smoking/drinking habits which leads to weight gain & other diseases.

5] If you want to make weight loss, you must stick with a daily healthy routine & diet plan in any situation.

6] Some time we feel empty stomach then you drink more water or low-fat fruit juices to feel the gap.

7] Yoga can also help you in controlling excess weight gain, so you need to include it in your daily routine plan.

8] You have to study on your regular diet, and try to reduce excessive eating, practice for low eating which will only keep your energy remain while on diet.


Your Diet plan must include those items which are of very low calorie and enriched with vitamin & carbohydrates.

You can consult Nutritionists, your Gym Trainer, or a Doctor to plan a perfect diet for yourself. Set your own Weight Loss Goals and periodically measure impacts to make yourself assure that you are on the right track of a healthy routine. 

There is an old good saying “where there is a will, there is a way”, So you must keep high your willingness towards weight loss program and you will get assured success in your AIM.

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