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Meal Prepping: A Guide to Planning and Preparing Meals in Advance

Meal prepping is the process of planning and preparing meals in advance. It can be a great way to save time and money, and to ensure that you are eating healthy and nutritious meals throughout the week.

Benefits of meal prepping

There are many benefits to meal prepping, including:

  • Saves time: Meal prepping can save you a lot of time during the week. Instead of having to cook every night, you can simply reheat pre-cooked meals. This can be especially helpful if you have a busy schedule.
  • Saves money: Meal prepping can also save you money. When you cook in bulk, you can save money on food costs. You can also avoid impulse purchases at the grocery store.
  • Promotes healthy eating: Meal prepping can help you to eat healthier. When you plan your meals in advance, you are more likely to choose healthy and nutritious foods. You are also less likely to eat unhealthy foods when you are short on time.
  • Reduces food waste: Meal prepping can help to reduce food waste. When you plan your meals in advance, you are less likely to have leftover food that goes to waste.
Meal Prepping
Meal Prepping

How to get started with meal prepping

To get started with meal prepping, follow these steps:

  1. Plan your meals: Choose meals that you enjoy and that are easy to prepare. Make sure to include a variety of foods in your meal plan to ensure that you are getting all the nutrients you need.
  2. Make a grocery list: Once you have planned your meals, make a grocery list of all the ingredients you need. Be sure to check your pantry and refrigerator first to see what you already have on hand.
  3. Shop for groceries: Go grocery shopping with your list in hand. Try to stick to your list as much as possible to avoid impulse purchases.
  4. Prepare your meals: Once you have your groceries, it’s time to start preparing your meals. Set aside a block of time each week to cook your meals in bulk. This will save you time and effort during the week.
  5. Store your meals: Once your meals are prepared, store them in airtight containers in the refrigerator or freezer. This will keep them fresh and delicious.

Tips for meal prepping

Here are a few tips for meal prepping:

  • Choose recipes that can be easily frozen: Some recipes freeze better than others. If you are planning on freezing your meals, choose recipes that are known to freeze well.
  • Use portion control: When meal prepping, it is important to use portion control. This will help you to avoid overeating.
  • Label your meals: Be sure to label your meals with the date and the contents. This will help you to keep track of what you have and to avoid food waste.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match: Don’t feel like you have to eat the same meal every day. You can mix and match your pre-cooked meals to create different meals. For example, you could cook a batch of chicken breasts and then use them for salads, sandwiches, and wraps.
  • Be flexible: Meal prepping is a great way to save time and money, but don’t be afraid to be flexible. If you don’t feel like eating one of your pre-cooked meals, don’t force yourself. You can always order takeout or cook something else.

Sample meal prep plan

Here is a sample meal prep plan for one week:


  • Oatmeal with berries and nuts
  • Yogurt with fruit and granola
  • Hard-boiled eggs with whole-wheat toast
  • Protein shake


  • Salad with grilled chicken or fish
  • Sandwich on whole-wheat bread with lean protein, vegetables, and cheese
  • Soup and salad
  • Leftovers from dinner


  • Salmon with roasted vegetables
  • Chicken stir-fry
  • Lentil soup
  • Spaghetti with meatballs
  • Tacos with lean ground beef or chicken

This is just a sample meal prep plan. You can customize it to fit your own preferences and dietary needs.


Advance Meal prep is a great way to save time and money, and it also ensures that you are eating healthy and nutritious meals throughout the week. By following the tips above, you can easily get started with meal prepping and create a meal prep plan that works for you.

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