Healthy alternatives for Bread
Healthy alternatives for Bread

Healthy alternatives for Bread

Dear Readers, Bread is a widely used food in many countries all over the world, many countries including USA, Europe, Africa & Asian Countries uses Majorly bread for Breakfast Lunch & Dinner. But bread is not always health there are Healthy alternatives for Bread available to relieve our hunger.

But breads are not always a healthy option to be chosen for a diet. As, today due to Industrialization of baking industry traditional bread making processes are lapsed and is replaced with using chemical-based preservatives and using Refined white flour, which is unhealthy form of wheat flour.

If we carefully checked popular brands of breads, it shows presence of only 50 to 60% of whole wheat flour or refined flour and rest are added sugar, salt and other preservatives. This can be harmful to our health for a longer run.

Sliced breads are popularly used in Sandwiches, Bread made Brownies, Burgers etc.

What is refined flour:

Basically, refined flour is a starchy flour extracted from wheat. Refined flour or “Maida” is made by removing wheat bran (cover of wheat seed) which is an important source of fiber. After removing wheat bran only, the starchy substance remains which we call after milling is Refined Flour, which is white in color but not as good for digestion and nutrition. Also, during wheat flour refining process many chemicals are used to whiten the refined flour which is unhealthy.

Breads contains artificial yeast and preservatives which makes it unhealthy to eat for a larger portion throughout a day.

So, what can we eat as a Healthy alternatives for Bread:

1]Whole wheat Bread: Yes, a whole wheat bread or a bread which contains includes a 100% whole wheat flour, then this can be a healthy option to traditional bread. We should always check the pack ingredient list, if it contains that the bread is made with 100% wheat flour and without any addon chemical preservative and chemicals, then this can be a healthy option.

Whole wheat bread: Source Internet

2] Fruits: Fruits and especially seasonal fruits can be healthy a healthy diet option for breakfast, lunch and dinner in form of whole fruit, fruit juices, smoothies, shakes, salads etc.

Heart Disease Prevention Tips
Fruits for Health Source: Internet

3] Sprouts: Sprouts are packed with protein, minerals and fibers, sprouts can be very healthy option for diet, in breakfast we can add it in salad, or can eat in morning as an athlete breakfast. we can also hot toss it in a pan with a pinch of salt, a half spoon of oil and powdered spices and eat in lunch or dinner. Sprouts can also be used as a dressing on regular meals.

sprout health benefits
Sprout: Source Internet

4] Milk: Milk and Milk based foods such as Milk shakes, Paneer, Cheese, Curd etc. are a complete powerpack diet food with lots of energy protein, calcium and natural probiotics which helps to improve health.

milk products a Healthy alternatives for Bread
Milk and Milk Based Food: Source Internet

5] Dry Fruits: Dry fruits are very energy packed athlete diet food. if we eat dry fruits in morning, we can skip a hunger for a longer time. Dry fruits are full of nutrition and minerals essential for our body; hence we should eat dry fruits to relieve our hunger and achieve health goals.

dry fruits Healthy alternatives for Bread
Dry Fruits: Source Internet

6] Flat Bread: Traditional flat breads, especially homemade with whole wheat flour can be a healthy an alternative to regular “Maida (Refined Flour) Made Bread”.

Flat Breads: Source Internet

7] Oats: Oats are a food grain in a broken form. Oats can be a healthy breakfast as well as meal alternative for bread, we can eat oats with added milk which helps to full our tummy as well provide us nutrition.

Oats: Source Internet

8] Cracked Wheat or Daliya: Daliya are also a very healthy alternative for regular Bread based diet. Daliya cooked in a milk can be a soulful breakfast and snacks.

Daliya or Cracked Wheat’s

9] Wheat noodles: Noodles made with Whole wheat are another healthy alternative for bread-based breakfast or meal. Noodles are easy to cook, high with energy & easy to digest food type.

Wheat Noodles: Source Internet

10] Cereals: We can choose cereals for our daily breakfast which is a healthy alternative for bread-based food.

cereals - healthy alternatives for bread
Cereals Source: Internet

Note: Organic breads made with whole wheat and without any harmful preservatives can be a healthy option, so choose wisely and always check label before buying bakery products.

We hope now you are aware about the Healthy alternatives for Bread which can be used to maintain your health.

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