Best Way to Control Anger in Relationship

Best Way to Control Anger in Relationship

Understand one thing that ANGER is dangerous only if it goes out of Control in negative way. We all become angry, actually Anger is a completely normal human emotion. Sometimes anger act as a POWERFUL WEAPON to convert FAILURE to SUCCESS, if you take it positively by effectively managing your anger. Anger can destroy you or can make you successful, and it depends on your reaction.

But I think we should learn ANGER MANAGEMENT, if you learn it, it will help to reduce your negative angry feelings.
In our daily life, we can’t control how people treat us, but we can control our reaction, we can control our response, by managing our anger.

managing anger is necessary for helping you to avoid saying or doing something which you may regret in future. Before anger control you, you must learn to control it.

Control Anger

How To Control Anger?

Anger management
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here are some ways to control anger:

1.Express ANGER (As Per Situation – Not Always):

It’s not bad to say, how you feel, if you express it in the right way. Discuss properly in a right way it will solve problems which can occur in future.

2.Count Numbers:

Count 1 to 10, or in reverse, it really works, personally I tried this anger management technique.

3.Breathe deeply:

Your breathing increase as you Start becoming angry. Reverse it by taking slow, deep breaths from your nose and exhaling out of your mouth for some time.

4.Take a deep breath and Say “OM” for several times:

Repeat word “OM” again and again or find any other word which will make you calm.

5.Go for a walk or bike riding:

Go for a walk or bike riding and spend some time with nature.

6.Take a Break:

Give yourself a break and stay away from people for some time, stay alone and make yourself relax.

7.Speak with Best Buddies:

Help yourself by talking with a trusted, supportive friend who can possibly provide a solution or emotional support


Destroy anger by laughing, watch cartoons or a comedy show or play with kids.

9.Distraction is required:

Sometimes distraction is required for anger management – ignore people or place which makes you angry or watch TV or play games.

sometimes we can’t handle anger alone,

10.Ask for A HELP:

You are in a bad mood.
You feel anger continuously.
You feel anger that stay for long time days or makes you want to kill yourself or someone else.
You’re daily doing fights or arguments.

These could be signs of depression or something else and you should not handle it alone. Please relax and make yourself comfortable. Start telling yourself that, Anger is Not a Solution of Problems. speak with parents about it or a friend or a consultant.

Anger is a strong powerful emotion, it can either destroy you or make you successful. Please Learn how to deal with emotions without losing self-control. It needs some effort, practice, and patience.

It is better to work on managing anger if you want to become successful and happy then you must work on it.

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