Success essentials - Difference in Common vs Uncommon People
Difference in Common People and Uncommon People

Success essentials – Difference in Common vs Uncommon People

Dear Readers, today we are going to explain a Success essential- difference in Common and uncommon people. This article will help you to understand what successful people do, and how one should stop behaving like common people to achieve success in their life.

Have you ever tried to understand, why there are two types of people in this world?

Success essentials - Difference in Common vs Uncommon People
Success essentials – Difference in Common vs Uncommon People

As we know we humans are categorized as:

  1. COMMON PEOPLE (95 percent of population in world).
  2. UNCOMMON PEOPLE (only 5 percent population in world).

Try to understand these most common questions:

1.Why sir A.P.J.Abdul Kalam sir, is the only ONE and UNIQUE?

2.Why sir Sachin Tendulkar sir, is the only ONE and UNIQUE?

3.Why our Motivational Speaker, Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari sir, is the only one and UNIQUE?

4.Why still there is no Second A.P.J.Kalam sir in India?

In reality. there is a huge difference, in thoughts and actions of COMMON PEOPLE and UNCOMMON PEOPLE.


What Common People do different in their life?

Do you know 99% of common people waste their too much time in fun and in entertainment i.e., with friends and in watching T.V. or movies. They never think to change themselves, and they always run for temporary attractions, one of the most common habits of all common people is, they always get distracted from their original goal.

Actually, most of them never try to find out the real goal of their life and final destination of their life.

They always keep themselves so busy in all the external things like Television, and Parties, Friend. That’s why, they never get time to analyze themselves, they never get time to work on their weaknesses.

COMMON PEOPLE get addicted, to their bad habits and their friends in such a way that, they never realize their mistake.

COMMON PEOPLE easily accept their failure, and they never try to convert their failure into Success.

If you analyze the society, 99% of common people and common families always sentimentally get attached to Television, if you see the lifestyle of their family, you will find that, whole family get stuck to T.V. and they always have the routine to watch T.V. Serials on daily basis. That’s why they remain common for whole life because they always waste their life in doing all the common things and they never think beyond that. Apart from this, all the common people do lot of show off, they always run away from their originality, they never accept that they are weak or less in something, and they never work on themselves. Because they always believe in Show Off, they do all the fake things and they run away from their originality.

What Uncommon People do in their life?

If you see the lifestyle of UNCOMMON PEOPLE,
Actually, UNCOMMON PEOPLE are the COMMON PEOPLE only, but, with different attitude, they are the common people, who always analyze themselves and they always work on their weaknesses.

UNCOMMON PEOPLE always take their failure very seriously and they give their 100% to convert their failure into SUCCESS. They never get distracted, or they never get attached with T.V. Serials or temporary entertainment.

Actually, they never waste their time in watching Serials and in Movies, instead of watching movies they spend their time in doing study or in business or in listening and following Great Personalities.

Most of the UNCOMMON PEOPLE spend their maximum time in doing productive work and in learning. UNCOMMON PEOPLE never run away from their originality, they always try to improve and try to change themselves.

They accept their weakness, and they work on that. Uncommon people never do show off and they always go for a very simple lifestyle, they never do and show fake things.

So, guys i hope now you understood the difference in between common and uncommon people.

If you are born common, no issues, but please try to be uncommon.

Try to develop one unique quality in you, which is
not there in other people and try to become expert in your desired subject /field or domain area.

If you are born common, no problem, but please don’t die common.

EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN THIS WORLD, PERSONALLY I HAVE CONVERTED MY FAILURES into SUCCESS, everything is possible if you work hard in right direction.


Thanks, and Regards

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