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Childrens are gifted with the power of absorbing, which may be a knowledge, a skill, and a behavior till their adulthood and this article if focused on providing information to parents about things they should be taken care for a good parenting.

Childrens mostly learn from their parents, their teachers, their friends, their siblings and all the people around them whom they interact.

Every kid needs physical and emotional strength to become a good person in future, and hence each and every parent should train themselves and use every small moment in their parenting to teach kids new things, make them emotionally strong and attain their health needs.

Today we are showing you things to be taken care while parenting

1] We should avoid being over cautious and avoid giving over comforting our kids:

Over cautions stops kids in learning handling situations, they stop taking care of themselves on their own, they become inner centric.

Putting over caution over kids leads to make them away from sports and hobbies, which other children’s are enjoying but parents refuse to allow their children’s to do those activities due to their self over caution feelings.

Parents should watch their kids, but they should avoid being extra protective, they should allow and help their kids to try new things, sports and activities this will help kids to nurture well and make them a good self-thinker and self-actor.

2] Avoid Sibling Comparison:

Many parents have habit of comparing their young and adult siblings. they often compare the success of their one child and tell how another kid is not doing well in front of both of them and others.

This creates an emotional pressure on the child, which is not well in their routine and make excessive happy to another kid who is being praised continuously. This may lead to depreciate the naturally gifted Intelligence in the kid. Sibling comparison may emotionally damage the kid’s relation and reduce their emotional intelligence. Creating unhealthy Riverly between siblings may leads to emotional trauma in kids which should be avoided.

Parents should stop comparing their two kids, instead they should nurture them with positivity and cheer them in whatever things they are doing on their own. Also, parents should try to identify their child’s natural talent and polish it well.

3] Avoid mistreating child emotionally and physically:

Parents should avoid making fun of any activity or appearance of the child. Mistreating kids physically and emotionally and making fun of them in front of others may lower down the confidence in kids.

a responsible parent, they should avoid mistreating kid by physically or emotionally, this may create a unhealthy trauma to kid for a lifetime, which may affect the natural intelligence in kid and may trouble them for lifelong.

4] Releasing Financial Pressure on kids:

Parents should stop releasing their financial pressure on kids. Instead, they should make kids’ positively aware about their current financial situation. Parents should make kids understand the importance of better managing finances and tach them personal finance management. Parents should teach kid to prepare personal budget and teach them about spending wisely.

5] Accept the Failure and Taking Brakes:

Parents should not give negative treatment to kids on their any kind of failure or mistakes. Negatively hammering kids’ brain on any unsuccess may down their morals and reduce their mental strength to accept the failures.

Parents should encourage kids on their failure to focus on being stronger and skillful to achieve the success.

6] Family Time:

Parents should provide enough time and attention to their kids to know the kids need and act to caret well.

Elders should always pay attention to kids. And help them to learn things. Express their feelings and emotion in appropriate way to enhance their emotional intelligence including care, empathy for others etc.

Parents should frequently visit public, and family gathering and visit regularly to the family members above age of 70′. This will help children to interact and make bond with others and enhance their social skills.

Communicating with kids and spending time with them helps to know their problem along and find correct solutions.

Positive parenting is essential for every parent. Because, with the help of the correct parenting way they can turn their children into more responsible elders. Good parenting¬†always focused on to development of their children character as independent, self-directional, honesty, self-control, kindness, and co-operative. Therefore, every good parenting struggle to create a base for their child’s physically as well as emotional and intelligent development. Good parenting is a real tuff task because it consists of living as a role model for their children’s.

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