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Hi, today want to discuss on one of the Best, Healthy and Cheapest high protein foods source for bodybuilding such as Moong Sprouts / Green Gram Sprouts.

Today we are providing you information on the Moong Bean Sprout, is one of the Best and cheapest protein sources for bodybuilding, It’s a plant-based Protein Source with best of Nutrition values.

Protein is essential to every person, which helps to energize our body and maintain our body weight. Protein provides nutrition to our body during our day-to-day work. Protein is essential for every bodybuilder to gain muscles and maintain fitness and energy all day.

Most of the bodybuilders today includes nutritional supplement or protein powder in their daily diet, but surprisingly there are many products which includes lots of natural protein which can alter the artificial protein powders.

And yes, one can make body by consuming natural vegan protein food.

So, now we like to share our first magical ingredient which contains lots of protein and energy which fulfills our daily protein needs by just consuming it as it is or by converting it with mouthwatering dishes.

Why Moong Sprout is a best plant-based Protein Source for bodybuilding?

Why Moons Bean Sprout’s are the best and cheapest protein sources bodybuilding and Nutrition.

Sprouted Moong beans / Green Gram contains given 24 grams of protein with its per 100 gram, Sprouted Moong beans are one of the best veg protein source for vegan body builders.

Sprouted moong / Green Gram are very easy to grow and consume, we can also add sprouted moong beans in our daily salads to enhance its protein richness, this is one of the best things which we can add in our daily diet for getting protein and nutrition.

How to grow Moong beans Sprout one of the cheapest high protein foods?

Yes, it’s very easy to grow homemade moong / Green Gram sprouts at our home,

Step 1 First take half cup of whole moong beans / Green Gram Beans in a Bowl & Wash them once or twice till added water looks clear and rinse the water properly, also removes broken parts from it as those can’t be sprouted.

Step 2 Now again add water till in moong beans near about full bowl and keep that bowl aside for near about 9 to 12 hours for soaking by covering it with a cloth or a mesh bowl lid.

Step 3 After 9 to 12 hours of soaking u can see the moong beans are a little broken, now it’s time to sprout our Moong Beans.

So now again remove all the earlier water from the bowl and rinse the soaked moong beans well and remove all excess water from the Moong beans with the help of mesh or a cotton cloth,

After removing all excess water from the Moong Beans, there are two methods to sprout the moong / Green Gram, either put it inside a sprouting container which is a simple plastic or glass container with an airtight lid, also many people use another method of tying soaked moong beans in an airy cotton cloth and keep it aside in a dry place which also helps to remove excess water and sprout the moong well.

And after 3 o 4 hours of keeping a soaked moong beans in Sprouting container / Tied Cotton cloth you can the best and cheap protein sources the sprouted moong beans are ready to eat.

Moong Sprouts are best and cheap protein sources
Sprouted Moong / Green Gram Beans – A protein Rich Diet Food

Moong Sprouts are best and cheap protein sources
Clay Sprouting Pot
Moong Sprouts are best and cheap protein sources
Sprouting in Cloth

Making sprout salad is very simple one can just add salt and spices in mung sprouts which is the best and cheap protein sources, and you will see a delicious and protein & fiber rich diet food is available to fulfill all your bodybuilding and muscle building & daily nutrition needs.

You can also make a delicious Sprouted Moong Beans / Green Gram soup from sprouted moong / Green Gram by just adding it in a coup of water along with salt and some spices & herbs available in local market.

Also, we want to share you some more food which one can add in diet to improve protein source in daily diet meal as per your body requirements.

FoodServingGram of Protein
Hamburger148 GMS
Chicken 6 Ounce43 GMS
Fish 6 Ounce 42 GMS
Cottage Cheese1 Ounce14 GMS
Tofu1/2 Cup10 GMS
Lentils1/2 Cup9 GMS
Peanut Butter2 TSpoons8 GMS
Lowest protein
Rice or Pasta1/2 Cup2 GMS
Broccoli1/2 Cup2 GMS
Protein Chart

We hope you like above healthy recipe of sprouted moong beans, and it will benefit you in your health goals. Moong lentil is easily available in your nearest grocery shop and is one of the best and cheapest high Protein foods and a bodybuilding diet food.

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