sprout health benefitssprout health benefits

Dear Reader, Sprouts the most commonly used food ingredients. In the Sprouting process where any Lentil or Bean through a natural process generates Shoot / Leave. further we discuss various important sprouts health benefit.

Sprouted lentils and beans multiply its Nutrition value. with increased Vitamin B, Foliate, Amino Acids, Protein, and Increased Vitamins. Sprouts are one of the best foods for Fertility and Male sperm count increase, to know more about it, check following article Food which improves Male Fertility and Sperm Count – GymBag4U

And that’s why eating Sprouted Beans and Lentils are the best options for our health.

Eating Sprouts recommended by Nutritionists and Doctors to increase the healthy protean and vitamin supply to our body. Sprouts also considered the best Diet & Energy Food.

The sprouting process takes at least 24 hours of time, Lentil or Beans soaked in Water for 5-6 Hours, then from 12 hours to 24 hours it kept for sprouting.

sprouts health benefits
Superfood – Sprouts health benefit

Types of Sprouts and Sprouts health Benefits – Sprouted Lentils / Beans

Matki Sprout (Moth)

Matki or Moth Sprout widely eaten in Indian cuisine and considered as a Healthy Diet Food.

Sprouted Matki Contains Protean, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium & Phosphorous which helps in revitalizing our body cells. It helps in Generating New Red Blood Cells & Strengthen our Bones & Teeth. Sprouts helps to fight with Iron Diffidence disease in women, to know more about it check following article. Food to fight with Iron Deficiency (gymbag4u.com)

Green Mung Sprout

Green Mung Sprout found a very healthy sprout to include in our daily diet plan.

This Sprout contains Foliate, Magnesium, Vitamin B1, B6, and Protean

Apart from providing Protean Mung Lentil helps to reduce LDL Cholesterol and Increase Healthy Cholesterol which results to weight loss. It also Prevent from Cardiovascular diseases like heart Attack And controlling on Blood Pressure.

Wheat Sprout

Wheat Sprout a Healthier Food option, because of its Higher Protean and health-beneficial enzymes.

3 times increase of protean in Wheat Sprout provides more energy. and it’s other contains vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, and B17 helps in Preventing Cancer and regulates blood sugar level.

Wheat grass juice benefits our health. It prevents cancer cells Reduce Cholesterol and Sugar levels. that also beneficial for skin health.

Soya bean Sprout

Soya Bean Sprout a rich source of Anti-nutrients that are beneficial for increase iron percentage in our body. Iron helps in producing more hemoglobin, which leads to more oxygen transport through our blood. Soybean cures iron-deficiency. Hence it benefits in Anemia Disease.

Chick Pea Sprout

Chickpea Sprout contains more Protean than any other sprout, Moreover, it contains Calorie, Iron, and Carbohydrates. It increases good calories which is beneficial for weight control. It contains Phytoestrogen which helps in pre-menopausal / post-Menopausal in women. Also, it helps in lowering Cancer and Heart Diseases Risk.

Lentil Sprout

Lentil Sprouts are very beneficial due to their nutritional value. Daily eating lentil sprouts reduces Bad cholesterol and helps in weight loss. It also contains Phenolic which is Anti Inflammatory and Antibacterial which helps in removing infection and Anti Allergic benefits. It helps in curing Diabetics Level 2 due to its LDL Cholesterol reducing properties


Sprouts health benefit are numerous, but before eating sprouts it is recommended to wash them properly or boil them to remove bacteria and other harmful contains.

There are many lentils and Beans of which sprouting form is used in salads / Diet Foods to gain energy and vitamins.

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