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Yes, Fatty liver cure is in your kitchen, just one spoon of it daily and the disease will disappear.

Fatty liver is a common disease which can happen to anyone. If we understand the meaning of fatty liver in clear words, it means accumulation of fat in the liver. This problem can be caused by eating high calorie food or drinking too much alcohol. Apart from this, fatty liver problem can also occur due to obesity, diabetes, high BP and hormonal changes.

Fatty liver is a common problem in India which easily makes people its victims. Now the question arises how to deal with this. Actually, there is medicine for it, but it could also be dealt with naturally. For this you do not need to go anywhere, rather the secret of this problem is hidden right there in your kitchen. In fact, coriander is such an herb that by eating it, the problem of fatty liver can be easily cured.

Symptoms of Fatty Liver

  • upset stomach
  • sudden weight gain
  • vomiting and stomach upset
  • joint pain
  • Dizziness
  • instant fatigue

Ways to cure fatty liver.

Lose weight.:

Weight gain is a sign of fatty liver. Therefore, if a person’s weight has increased, then reduce it in time. This can reduce fatty liver to some extent. For this, you should eat food on time, take proper diet, exercise and improve your lifestyle.

Stop alcohol consumption:

Drinking alcohol causes severe damage to the liver, hence avoid drinking alcohol. If you have an addiction to drinking every day, then reduce it or control yourself.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.:

Eat fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Eating this keeps the stomach and liver healthy.

Do the regular exercise:

Do exercise daily. Fatty liver gets cured by this. The problem of fatty liver is cured by exercising. Exercise for at least 30 minutes.

Doctors can give medicines to cure fatty liver. So, keep eating it from time to time.

Benefits of coriander in fatty liver

  • Improves liver function.
  • Coriander or Coriander leaves contain abundant amounts of antioxidants which improve its function. Along with this, problems related to fatty liver get cured.
  • Helps deal with fatty liver.
  • Along with Vitamin A and C, coriander also contains iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium which cures the problem of fatty liver.
  • Helps cleanse the liver.
  • The elements found in coriander help a lot in cleaning the liver. Also, toxic substances are removed from the body. And makes the liver healthy.
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Eating coriander strengthens the body’s immunity. Liver is also healthy.
  • Coriander also controls your insulin level. And cures the problem of fatty liver.
  • Increases the digestive power of the body
  • Eating coriander increases the digestive power of the body. Also, the body parts get the right amount of nutrition.
  • We hope this article will help you to reduce threat of one of the critical liver disease.

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