Eating Fruits – Health Benefits

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We all love eating fruits, but do you know that eating fruit is much more than just taste. Hence Dietitian recommends eating fruits to complete the need for our daily vitamins & energy.

We are today providing you the information about the Benefits of Eating Fruits.


Banana is an athlete fruit famous to give’s instant energy due to its Potassium richness.

Medium size banana contains 422 Mg Potassium, 105 calorie energy & 26.95 Gram of Carbohydrate & Fiber. which helps to control the blood pressure, provides instant energy, and helps in digestion health.


Apple is called a typical Health and Immunity Booster. contain 95 Gram Calorie, 25 Gram Carbohydrates, 195 MG Potassium, 11 MG Calcium, and 8.4 MG Vitamin C. This energizes our body and helps in lowering the risk of cardiovascular Diseases, Certain types of Cancer & Diabetes.


Pomegranate is an ideal health booster contains 234 Calories and 52 Gram Carbohydrates. Which hydrates our body, it’s antioxidants also useful for the body.

Pomegranate should be eaten with seeds due to it contains fiber.

It also contains vitamin K which is good for our Bones & Blood Cell

This helps in brain-related diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, it also magically restricts the growth of Human protest cancer.


Pineapple is a Heavenly Fruit, that looks ugly from outside but very beneficial & tasty from inside.

This less calorie perfect diet food contains Vitamin C & Potassium. which, helps in body tissue growth. Bromine contents help in nasal diseases such as sinusitis.


Lemon is a perfect diet partner. Lime water is one of the best antioxidant-rich & refreshing drink. It contains 13 mg vitamin C, 51 MG Potassium 11 calories & Carbohydrates. its antibacterial properties enhance immunity and help in the digestion process.


Avocado is called as a cholesterol fighter, contains 161 Calorie, 487 MG Potassium & 19 mg Magnesium, 10 mg Vitamin C in Half Avocado.

helps in controlling cholesterol, fight Heart Disease, an antioxidant is good for eyes & skin.


Papaya is the Magical Immunity Healer Fruit with, lots of zink and protean which helps to develop the antibodies & White Blood Cells,

During Dengue Disease Doctors recommend eating Papaya or Drink Papaya Leave Juice to instant increase White Blood Cells.

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