Jawar Bhakrey & Thecha -Healthy street food in maharashtra

Maharashtra, the Land of the Veer Marathas, It is as much about its vibrant culture and history of Maharashtrian culture, and as it is about its delectable street food. While tempting vadas and spicy pav bhajis often steal the spotlight, the state boasts a treasure trove of few healthy street food options. Those are perfect for the conscious foodie. So, ditch the guilt and embark on a culinary adventure through the streets of Maharashtra, savoring these few must-try healthy delights along with other delicious street food:


  • Sprouted Mung Moong Salad: Ditch the greasy samosas and grab a bowl of this protein-packed salad. Boiled mung beans tossed with chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander, and a tangy lemon dressing make for a refreshing and light snack. You’ll find these readily available throughout the city, especially near parks and office areas.
Sprouted Moong Salad - Healthy street food in Mumbai
  • Kande Pohe: Flattened rice cooked with onions, turmeric, and peanuts.”Kande Pohe” is a simple yet delicious breakfast or evening snack. The addition of chopped vegetables like cucumber and tomatoes boosts the nutritional value, making it a wholesome meal to go. Head to Chowpatty Beach or Marine Drive for some authentic Kande Pohe with breathtaking views.
kande pohe -healthy street food in mumba


  • Misal Pav: This spicy lentil stew served with a pav (soft bread) is a Punekar favorite. Packed with protein and fiber from lentils, sprouts, and vegetables, Misal Pav is a hearty and satisfying meal. Head to the busy streets of Camp or Laxmi Road to find street vendors selling this iconic Pune delicacy.
Misal Pav Healthy street food in Pune
  • Sprouted Bean Uttapam: Take your regular uttapam a notch healthier by opting for a sprouted lentil and bean version. Packed with essential nutrients and minerals, these protein-rich pancakes are a delicious and healthy breakfast or brunch option. Find them tucked away in the quaint cafes and street stalls of Koregaon Park and Kalyani Nagar.
Sprouted Bean Uttapam / Moong Dal Chilla in Pune


  • Kolhapuri Misal: A spicier cousin of the Pune Misal, the Kolhapuri Misal is a very fiery explosion of spicy flavors. Made with a red chili paste and vegetables, it’s a protein-rich and filling meal perfect for adventurous palates. Brave the streets of Shivaji Nagar or Sadar Bazaar to experience this Nashik specialty.
Nashik Misal - Healthy Street Food in Nashik
  • Jwar Bhakri and Thecha: Embrace the local cuisine with Jwar Bhakri, a traditional millet flatbread, paired with Thecha deeping.Thecha is a spicy chutney made with roasted chilies, garlic, and peanuts. It is packed with high in fiber and protein, Jwar Bhakri is a healthy alternative to white bread, while the Thecha adds a spicy and fiery kick to every bite. Look for these staples in small roadside stalls throughout Nashik.
Jwar Bhakri and Green Chilli  Peanut Thecha - Nashik Healthy Street Food

Bonus Tip: Apart from above street foods, you can also enhance your street food spree with a glass of fresh sugarcane juice or a Cup of Hot Masala Tea, or a glass of fresh Buttermilk or Sol-kadhi and Kokam Sarbat etc. Those drinks will naturally boost your energy by its healthy dose of vitamins and also helps to settle the spicy taste of the food.

Remember, street food doesn’t have to be synonymous with unhealthy. Hence, Choose these fresh, vegetable-packed options and discover a healthier side to Maharashtra’s culinary gems along with above healthy street food. So, put on your walking shoes, get ready to explore, and let Maharashtra’s healthy street food tantalize your taste buds and nourish your body!

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