how to stay happy alwayshow to stay happy always

You can Be Happy Always by doing good KARMA – try to implement following habits in your life. Let’s know more about below 10 things on how to stay happy in life always,

1.Always Help Other People:

Make yourself habitual to help other people, this behavior will give you most positive satisfaction. Helping different people in their problems is one of the best KARMA (action) which we can do easily in our day-to-day life. Remember always, KARMA has equal and opposite reaction. If you do good KARM – of helping people, then definitely you will get mental satisfaction, good network and people will always remember you for your good deeds.

2.Feed Animals and Adopt at least one pet if possible:

Nowadays, we humans are too busy to get materialistic things, and we are forgetting to take care of innocent animals which are dependent on us for food. Please, my dear buddies please grow up and take care of innocent animals. If possible, please feed animals like CAT, DOG, COW who are dependent on us and are staying with humans from a long time. Nobody takes care of them, most of the animals die because of Hunger. If you feed them and take care of them-it is one of the most satisfactory activity and adopting animals will never make you sad, they are loyal than humans. Adopting an animal like CAT or DOG will fill your life with happiness.

3.Smile Always:

Always start your day with a great smile and happiness.

Smiling causes the brain to release dopamine which makes us happy. So, keep smiling always and try to make people happy. Whenever you feel tense, frustrated and in depression – please smile and tell yourself – failure can’t stop me, I will win for sure. The habit of smiling will change your life.

4.Be Ready to Face Failures:

You know what, most of the time we become sad because of failures. So, please make yourself ready to face failures and understand one thing that failures are most important in our life for growth – without failures you will not learn new things. So, please take risks and face failures happily – please try to become an expert in things which are responsible for failure. Being an expert is the only one solution. So, I request you, please be ready to learn and to face failures – if you are really ready, then sadness will not touch you.

5.Exercise Regularly:

Doing daily exercise is necessary for physical and mental strength. Do exercise, eat healthy food to become stronger. It will help you to avoid unnecessary stress and will make your mind relax.

6.Take Proper Sleep:

Don’t work non-stop without rest – working continuously will make you tired and frustrated. Please take proper sleep at least for 5-6 hrs., it will help you to get energized and you will be ready to work again with double energy.

7.Travel /Go for Long Drive/Walk:

Explore nature, go for a long drive or visit natural places once in a week, visiting different places will make you happy and you will learn to explore life on your own, you will understand the importance of nature. Our surrounding plays an important role to make us happy.

8.Think Positive and Read Motivational Books:

Always be positive and read motivational books, which will inspire you to face failures and to win. Positive thinking will come automatically once you make yourself habitual to follow positivity and to stay inspired always. Be Happy, Think Positive.

9.Give yourself a gift or treat:

We always give parties and treats to other people, but please sometimes give treats to yourself for your achievement and success. It will boost your confidence and it will make you happy.

10.Learn New Things:

Learning is a great hobby, Hence, get yourself a hobby of learning new things every day, this will help to keep you busy all time and reduce depressive thoughts. Try to learn and grab whatever knowledge you can about how to stay happy in life always Keep Learning as Per your Interest. as Learning new things will make you always active and happy -learn new technologies and skills. It will make you busy and happy always. You can learn multiple things; is big enough for learning different things.

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