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First degree burns in kitchen or at the time of doing any work are the most common and painful type of injury. Burning accidents can happen at home during cooking, or doing any hot work, or any accidental burn. Burn is an injury which damages skin & body tissue’s due to exposure of heat, cold, chemical, friction, electrical or radioactive material. Most of the burns are due to heat from solid, liquid heat object.

There are three types of Burn

1] First Degree where small burn in which a red patch arrives on upper skin along with moderate pain.

2] Second degree burn where more severe than 1st degree where skin as well lower dermis is damaged with Boil, swelling & pain

3] Third degree burn is more sever where upper skin epidermis & dermis both are damaged with serious impact on the burn portion with black skin boil and internal serious injury can be visually seen.

Home remedies can work on only first degree burn and emergency second degree burn, but most of the time second degree burn and third-degree burns are fetal ones so those must be treated by doctor. Preferably only first-degree burns can be treated with below home remedies when the pain and burn impact is moderate.

What’s the First-Degree Burn, Cause, Reason & treatment
What is the First-Degree Burn Treatment
A first-degree burn is an upper skin wound damage with redness on skin due to heat impact. It is an injury that effects on only upper layer of your skin. this is one of the mildest skin injuries which generally don’t need any type of medical attention. First degree burns can be treated at home. Just 2nd and third-degree burns are severed ones, So, those need’s immediate medical assistance.

Which are the Symptoms of a First-Degree Burn?
First-degree burns symptoms are minor skin redness, pain, and swelling. Sometimes in first degree burn with boil Skin Start peeling after a while. Whereas in second-degree and upper burns and visibility of injury is more painful due deep burn wound impact.

During first-degree burn a small or larger areas of your skin can experience pain and swelling. In-case of more larger burn impact must be advised by doctor because due to home remedies larger burn wounds take time t heal than smaller ones.

What are the Causes of a First-Degree Burn?

Electrical Burn

Upon exposure or touch to Electrical sockets, electrical cords, and appliances can appear with electrical burns. Electrocution burn can happen to adults and child by body contact to electrical openings of a socket, bites on an electrical cord, an appliance.

Such electrical First-degree burns impact more on skin top layer. But it is important to treat major Electrical burn b. doctor if found more painful because Electrical burns are more serious ones.

Sunburn develops due to exposure of open skin for long time with sun rays. The sun produces Ultraviolet (UV) Rays which can harm outer layer and can show symptoms like skin redness, Peel & blister. Sunburns can be avoided by using Sun Skin Lotion and creams.

Liquid Burn or Scalds
Liquid Burn or Scalds are also coming under first-degree burns when a Hot liquid is spilled from a pot on the stove, or the steam emitted from hot liquid may cause burns to the hands, face, and body.Scalds can be happened by bathing with extreme hot water bathing. water temperature should be at or below 120˚F. Temperatures otherwise it can lead to serious skin burn.

How to treat First-Degree?
We can treat first-degree burns by using home remedies. But, for such kids are Advise to consult with pediatrician because kids’ skin is more delicate than adult’s and only doctors can determine the severity of child burns.

How to measure burn servility

But can be assessed with its deep penetration in the skin’s layers, if it’s large in area then in that case immediate doctor treatment is important and specially to the area of eyes, nose, or mouth. also burns shows other infection symptoms such as skin infection, oozing, pus, or swelling on skin. It is advised to get medical help if any burn fond infected, swollen, or extremely painful. Burns on delicate body area must require doctor treatment such as Face, groin, hands, feet.

Home First Aid on Burn Injury
Minor Burns can be treated by home remedies which instantly can helps to relieve the pain and swelling.

Cold Compress Burn Treatment

Cold compress is the initial burn treatment in with cold water or ice cube is used to treat the Burn Injury by applying cold water or putting Ice cube on the burn wound. Also avoid applying any type of oil, including butter, to a burn. These oils prevent early burn injury healing. However, aloe Vera as well as honey lotion, or antibiotic ointments, can be used to treat first-degree burns for reducing pain & drying, also it helps to repair the damaged skin.

How much time It Take for a First-Degree Burn to Heal?
During burned skin healing process, it may peel. Additionally, it may take 3 to 20 days to heal a first-degree burn. Healing time may depend on the affected area. And always consult your doctor if the burn show signs of worse infection.

How to prevent from First-Degree Burns?
First degree burns can be prevented and treated with following precautions.

Using Sunscreen as a protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher Degree Temperature to prevent sunburn.
Taking more care while handling cooking utensils during their use in kitchen, which can help to prevent accidents. Also, Kids to be provided proper attention in kitchen to safeguard them from Burn by Hot Utensils.
Using water heaters with safer way can help to prevent from Burns, by setting water temperature below 120˚F. which is original capacity of water heater.
Covering Electrical sockets with Socket Guard can help to make it safe for kids

Home Remedies for Burns

When can you treat a burn at home?

Whether burn ca be occurred on hand or on leg, or by cooking pan or sun rays of with Spillage of Hot drinks are the un-pleasant feelings. Normal burns are definitely painful. Although, Burns are one of the most common household injuries. Burns are categorized by their severity. A first-degree burn is considered the least severe but more than that are serious burns. Second and Third-degree burns involve damage to all layers of the skin, while fourth-degree burns may involve the bones. Third- and fourth-degree burns are considered an emergency and be treated by doctors. At home we can treat first-degree burns and second-degree burns wound less than 3 inches. Read on to learn which remedies are best for healing your skin

The best home remedies for burns
Following are the home remedies on first degree burn treatment / Minor Heat burns which may take a week for healing. The goal of burn treatment is to reduce Pain, Infection safety and skin recovery faster.

Cold water
Minor burns cold water should be first and immediate treatment which helps to get rid of pain max up-to 20 minutes. Then wash the burned area with mild soap and water.

Cool compresses
Compressing Burned skin with cold & clean wet cloth can help in reliving Minor Burns. Compress Cold water dipped cloth for 5- to 15-minute on burned please can help to stop burn pain in very less time.

Honey is another antibiotic which is t from its delicious taste, honey may help heal a minor and first degree burn treatment when applied topically. Honey is an anti-inflammatory and naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal.

Antibiotic ointments
Antibiotic ointments and creams help prevent infections. Apply an antibacterial ointment on consultation with health expert. And it is advised not to cover the burn wound, the more it contacts with open air the more it can cure early.

Aloe vera
Aloe vera is often touted as the “burn plant.” there are few research evidence by health experts, that aloe vera is effective in first and second-degree burns. Aloe is anti-inflammatory,

Reducing sun exposure
Avoid Sun rays exposing to open skin can create sun burn. Hence sing Sun cream is very useful to prevent sun burn’s

Blister Popping
Don’t pop up Burn injury blisters. Bursting a blister, yourself can lead to infection. If you’re worried about blisters, then immediate seek medical assistance.

Pain Killer OTC
If you have pain after burn injury them, take an over the counter (OTC) pain killer tabs can be useful after taking proper consultation about OTC from health experts.

Following remedies to be avoided on Heat burns

Butter application on Heat burn can create harmful bacteria in Burning Wound, hence it must be avoided.

Application of toothpaste on burn wounds is not much useful, and there are no studies showing toothpaste application of Burn Wounds, hence it should be avoided.

Egg whites
Few people suggest Egg-white on heat burns, but it can’t work on healing burn wound, instead it can bring skin infection.

Putting Ice on burn wound also not much effective for relief from Burn wounds.

Any type of Oil can’t heal Burn wound hence those should be avoided because of its ineffectiveness on Burn wounds.

When to consult immediately on Burn Wounds:

first degree burn treatment can be easy but burn wounds can be fetal if more than 3 inches diameter and deeper, Such Burn wounds much be treated by doctor instead of home remedies along with tetanus vaccine.
Second and Third-degree burns should never be treated at home due to its high-risk factor
Also. Skin Burns caused by an electricals’ also risky for home treatment. Those type of burns can damage internal tissues of the body.

Burn wounds are curable once treated properly, or those can be fetal in-case of negligence, you can get answers to below questions through above information.

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