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Height is a simple biological fact vary from people to people. our Height is mostly dependent on parent transferred Genome and our day-to-day routine. Malnourished and Less Healthy Kid may lack of good Body height and personality when he grows up. Also, the people who don’t follow healthy routine may lack of Body height and health. So, lets know more about average human height increase.

There is not a proven connection in between Success and a Good height. But it is said in American society that a person with good height can grab success in very less time than shorter people. This may be due to increase in confidence with better physique and appearance.

Height is an important factor in overall human personality, the more height can show a sign of leadership and dominance in few countries like USA.

An adult cant increases their height but, a Kid and teenagers below age of 18 to 20 can work on their body and regular lifestyle to get substantial improvement in their Height.

Along with Genome there are few another factory which can help a person, especially kids & teenagers to improve their height at correct time. Hence, we want to help you out to answer below few questions about height.

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Balanced diet plays an important part in health as well as Height and Physique, Fresh vegetables & fruits, Grain, Pulses, Dairy Products, Meat and Fish should be an important part of health diet. Vitamin D & Calcium rich diet helps to kids and teenagers in body height improvement. average human height increase is dependent on what our nutritious food.

Exercise & Physical Activities

Yes, with the inclusion of Yoga and Exercise in our daily routine can help to improve height. There are few exercises which can be better role in improving height.

Body stretching is important exercise to increase the Body height,


Jogging is another important exercise which is very useful to increase strength of your legs and eventually increase your body height.

Regular Body Stretch

Regular body stretching activity can also help in height improvement along with stretching muscles and body joints.


Cycling is another healthy exercise which stretch our body and help to improve in Body height.


Swimming is another exercise, by regular practicing of swimming can improve height with good amount of body stretching helps in average human height increase.


There are 12 body poses during “Suryanamaskara” a popular type of Yoga Exercise and following those all poses while daily exercise can help a Kid and Teenagers to improve their height. This yoga helps in substantial growth of Body Height Naturally.

Maintaining Posture

Keeping Body posture straight and proper also helps to improve in height and appearance, maintaining posture also helps to keep spine problem free.


There are few supplements and health drinks, which also showcase the height improvement abilities. But it is to be first advised with expert doctors before taking any kind of such supplement. Such supplements should be taken with proper care and volume as prescribed by health expert. This supplements and health drinks can help kids and teenagers to improve their body height.

Better resting to Body

Sleep is important to our body to rejuvenating our body cells and relaxing of muscles and body joints. Good amount of sleep helps to relax the body and helps in improving health and Body height. Good sleep improves HGH (Human Growth Harmon’s) in our body that helps in proper body Growth of kids and teenagers. Resting body helps in average human height increase.

As per the study it is observed that human height growth stops before 20 years of age, hence it is advised to help your kids and teenagers for following healthy routine and diet to get Good Body Height and Posture. because after the age of 20 a person can only improve his posture rather than Height.

We hope you like the above information on improving Body height and will be useful to you.

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