Home remedies for general woundsHome remedies for general wounds

Dear Readers, Hope you are doing great, and taking care of your loved ones. We always try to keep ourselves safe from accidents. But sometimes we met with small injuries which pins for a long if not cured on time. Accidents can happen by negligence while doing any work, playing, running, exercising, or simply walking. And those wounds can be treated with simple home remedies to avoid further Sevier infections and health impact.

It is first advised to seek immediate medical help, in the case of any major accidental injury. But if it is an emergency and medical help may take time then in that case, we can do following home remedies on general and small wounds, cuts etc.

We have many things in our home kitchen which can be used items to treat those General Injuries and cure them early.

Precaution: It is always recommended by Trained First aide & Doctors that we have to clean our Hands with sanitizer or Alcohol-based Hand Wash and Also use properly sterilized and correct first-aid items to prevent from infection.

Home remedies for general wounds
Hand Injury

Home remedies on wounds Normal Injury like Bumps, Cut & Wound

  • Turmeric Powder contains anti-bacterial, Antiseptic properties so on Cut & Wounds turmeric powder can be applied to stop the bleeding & cure the wound immediately.
  • Honey contains Anti-Septic property which can be applied on normal & wounds, which helps to cure the wound early.
  • Coconut contains best anti-infection properties which can be applied on the wound will help to dry the wound early and also help in curing the wound early.
  • Major Fracture must be treated by doctor, but for a Normal Bone pain arise due to an accident, Internal Injury Pain.
  • On Home normal skin Burn Edible Calcium Carbonate and Honey paste will help to lower the pain and cure the burn injury early.
  • Ankle sprain can happen any time while playing, running or walking, Serious ankle sprain must be treated only by a doctor, but in case of moderate pain Ice can be applied to lower the pain,
  • Normal Bone injury Turmeric & Limestone powder paste can be applied to lower the pain
  • Coconut oil & garlic paste can be used for Normal Bone Internal Injury Pain.
  • Putting bone part in Epsom Salt added in moderately hot water will help to relieve the bone pain.
  • In knee cartilage problems Eating Shilajeet & Aloe Vera (Giloy) Juice is very much beneficial to relief the Knee pain.
  • Swelling on the head due to Bump can be treated with Ice Pack / Ice tied in Towel. (Ice can give frostbite so avoid applying directly on the skin)
  • Warm compress is always beneficial in Bone & Head Injury Internal Pain.
  • Apple Cider vinegar mixed in warm water is anti-inflammatory properties which help to lower the bone and other internal injury pain & swelling.
  • Onion pastes application on swelling, also putting onion chop in the towel and applying it to injury for12 to 20 minutes can also help in lowering the swelling pain.
  • Cold pressing Head with a bare hand for a few minutes will help in lowering the Accidental bump pain.
  • Applying coconut oil & Turmeric powder mixture on Swelling & bumps help to heal them quickly
  • Castor oil & honey mixture can be used to treat the normal Injury swelling.
  • Keeping Camphor (Kapoor) or Clove near the Teeth helps to relieve in Tooth Pain.
  • Applying Mint oil also helps in lowering the Injury pain from swelling in our body

It is always better to consult with medical practitioners in case of Sever pain and swelling through any injury. Also, if you want to know more about first degree burn treatment then you can check our following link. useful tips to treat first degree burn (gymbag4u.com)

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