Why is Water Important? Vital Reason to Drink upWhy is Water Important? Vital Reason to Drink up

This article will help you to understand Why is Water Important for human body and what are the vital Reason to Drink up sufficient Liquid in your daily routine to maintain long term health.

Why is Water Important? Vital Reason to Drink up
Why is Water Important for human body?

When it comes to health, everyone might be concentrating on their mental and physical health, focusing on body fat and muscle mass, and thinking about the necessities that need to survive.  But not to be overlooked is your body Liquid (the amount of water content found in the human body) regarding essential nutrients to survive. Because the need for Liquid is more than your thirst Here, I am going to concentrate on the importance of water for human life.

 Essential Reason to Drink up

  • Water is an essential nutrient for every cell and works as a building material.
  • It helps regulates body temperature through respiration and sweating
  • Liquid helps to metabolize and transport carbohydrates and protein, which you eat as food, in the bloodstream.
  • It lubricates the joints, which can cause severe pain due to dehydration.
  • It helps improve mood, lose weight, and keep skin bright.
  • Liquid acts as a shock absorber for the fetus, brain, and spinal cord.
  • It makes saliva
  •  It helps maintain normal bowel function and prevent constipation
  • Strength the muscles

Importance of Water for Body Function

Why is Water Important? Vital Reason to Drink up
Importance of Drinking liquid for Well body functioning
  • Water helps the kidney to filter dangerous waste from the body in the form of urine and keeps your blood vessels open so that blood can transfer essential nutrients to the kidneys.
  • Proper hydration is vital for those who suffer from heart problems. Because when you are well-hydrated, your heart can pump blood throughout the body efficiently and reduce strain on the important muscles.
  • Water is essential for the Urinary system. Drinking enough liquid helps to remove infection-causing bacteria from the body and helps prevent kidney stones and UTIs.

Percentage of Water in the Human Body

Percentage of Water Contains in Human Body Organs
Percentage of Liquid Contains in Human Body Organs

The organs in the human body with the highest percentages of water are the brain (80-85%), lungs (75-80%), muscles (70-75%), skin (70-75%), heart (75-80%), liver (70-75%) and kidneys (80-85%).  According to the Canadian BC campus Human Anatomy and Physiology textbook, the human kidney and brain are the organ with the highest percentage of water, and teeth (8%) and bone (20-25%) are the organ with the lowest percentage of water. This percentage shows the importance of drinking in human life.

How much water should you drink?

The amount of water you should drink depends on activities of your life, environment temperature, gender, health condition, body weight and height, nutritional status, sex, and other factors.  According to the Institute of Medicine

  • Men are recommended to drink 13 glasses of liquid every day (it is a general recommendation, and it depends on a man’s health, age, height, and weight)
  • Women should drink nine glasses of water each day. Pregnant women must drink ten glasses, and breastfeeding women drink 12 glasses.
  • Children and teenagers should take 6-8 glasses each day.
  • Your body needs more liquid than recommended when you are in a hot climate, suffering from fever, or having vomiting or diarrhea.

 Tips to Drink More Water

Why is Water Important? Vital Reason to Drink up
Healthy Routine of Regular Water Drinking

Carry a water bottle with you: you should keep a Sipper / Liquid carrying bottle on your table while you are working or carry it wherever you go and drink when you are thirsty.

Take beverages: You should sip beverages with snacks and meals.

Eat fruit and vegetables: 20% of fluid intake comes from food. You should eat fruit and vegetables to prevent dehydration.

Meet recommendation: Try to reach your recommended to drink it before sleeping for better health.

Final Thought

Water is essential for overall well-being. Therefore, everyone should try to stay well-hydrated for better bodily function and minimize dehydration. You can enjoy a happy and healthy life with its regular and adequate consumption.

We hope above article will help to know the importance of drinking adequate liquid for a better body functioning.

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