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Dear Readers, Greetings of the day, our health depends on a sufficient supply of Food enriched with essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals. We follow a diet for healthy body, but what we also need some tasty treat to satisfy our tongue and soul. And, therefore Comfort food are those snack food which have benefits towards health, taste as well as psychologically on human body. So, let’s begin to read our below article on Healthy Snacks – A Comfort Food Journey.

Energy sources supplied through our daily Intake possible only through a healthy diet for maintaining Good Health.

Snacks are called the food for soul of comfort food because it is more creative, quick made & tasty as per own like.

Comfort Food Benefits
Comfort Food a new era of dieting

Good Diet includes intake of Fluid, Protein and vitamin enriched food.

But our tongue required not only healthy but also tasty food, to fulfill our emotional happiness. We find many people can’t control themselves when they find Comfort food.

Yes, it’s all about not just health, it’s about the test. “Luxury of Tongue” needed for a happy mind. And if we want to make our gut happy, we need taste in all food which we eat.

But do you know? Few Food items which not only taste great but also makes us healthy.

Comfort food is those which not only fulfill your hunger also provide the necessary protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins. Healthy Snacks provides emotional support and relieve stress.

It may depend upon cultural and personal choice most of the times.

We all want good health always, and if you try Comfort food it will help you to stick with the diet you follow to gain Good Health.

You can try below comfort foods for their dual benefit of taste as well as health.


Coffee itself a perfect comfort food, it’s an important part of the Western diet, Apart from Energy and an increase in an adrenal rush through its caffeine, also lowers Type 2 Diabetes, helpful on diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Coffee helps to remove depression and increase feeling happiness.


Yummy soup can be considered as a good hunger reliever for healthy food. Veg and Non-Veg Both soups’ similarly popular as comfort food. Warm soup increases our Appetite, Soup contains fibers and it most preserves the nutrients than any other meal.

Fruit Juice

Fruits a healthy source with good taste and vitamins, we all love fruits as per our locality and choice of taste. which not only hydrates our body but also helps us control emotions and makes us happy. Texture and the essence of fruits help us increase our good senses. Many people prefer fruit diet while losing their weight because the stomach feels hunger less due to fruits eating.

Fruit Salad

Along with eating fruits, many people like Fruit Salads, a mixture of a variety of fruit Pieces with sprinkled rock / normal salt/paper. Fruits salad can be in All three-course meals all over the world by food lovers. Fruit salad fulfills the need of multiple fruit vitamins. Multiple Taste with Texture increases happy emotions while eating.

Sweat Potato

Sweet potato loved most as a diet food by many people, sweat potatoes contains natural antioxidant.

Those not only healthy, enhance immunity and gut health, but Sweat potato also contains fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, and Protein which helps to maintain the energy of our body, beneficial for weight loss due to its fat shrinking properties. And as per expert studies, sweat potato also contains anti-cancer properties.


Eating Sandwich makes us nostalgic sometimes. We love sandwich and we also have our line of sandwich filling, such as some like Veg or some Non-veg, few Like Cheese, Mayonnaise and few Like Green Chutney.

Sandwiches not only gives a great feeling and healthy if made with less oil/Butter.

Milk Shakes

Milkshake gives us a happy while drinking it, milkshakes easiest to prepare and healthy. it Contains Milk and add-ons’ as per maker choice and a little shaking makes the favorite drink ready.

Shakes not only supply Protean and Calcium to our body but also helps in increasing immunity. Milk Shake add-ons like Turmeric, Dry Fruits, Fruits, etc. benefits our health with its natural Essentials Vitamins.

To Gain instant energy after exhaustive Exercise milkshake considered an energy booster.

Baked Fries

We love fries, we can eat them as much as in our plate, Fries are one of the favorite time-pass snacks.

Specially baked fries’ healthier option than fried fries, Fries can be of any vegetable as per our choice. Along with Popular Potato Fries, we can make fries of Banana, Sweet Potato, Beet Root, Carrot, Pumpkin, Bitter gourd, Zucchini, etc.


Asian countries like Japan & China having noodles in their daily meal, Noodles are the best source of poteen, also noodle usually prepared with boiling method makes them oil-free & less fatty.

Noodles give a nicer feeling which helps in removing the stress, also while eating noodles we have to concentrate more on eating which helps improving focus.

While preparing noodles various vegetables are used, which makes them full of vitamins. Also, it contains essentials like vitamin B, Vitamin E, Magnesium, riboflavin, Iron which helps to keep good health.

Pop’s / Popcorn

Popcorn with Entertainment combines the best time spending combination in the world.

Pops made with Corn commonly famous, but pops can also be made with Wheat, Soya, Barley, Rice, etc. making pop require 3 simple ingredients, first a Material like Corn, Wheat, Rice, Chickpeas, Sorghum, Green Peas, Red Millet, etc., a Half spoon of Cooking Oil and a Pinch of Salt enough for making tasty Pop’s.

Comfort Food Benefit for health

Hope you like the above information on comfort food, you also have any idea on the comfort food of your like, please do share with us in a comment.

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