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Dear Readers, we always like a warm food to be eaten, but we should care our digestion by following 11 food items we should avoid reheating.

Reheating food is a common kitchen practice, most of the time prepared food is served after reheating it, so this can help a person to enjoy the warm food, but below given food should not be reheated which may cause digestive issues including stomach pain and food poisoning.

11 food items to avoid reheating
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1] Rice

Rice is good food and always eaten fresh and warm. But stale rice kept without refrigerating for more than two hours should not eaten at all, as it become stale and can cause stomach pain and food poisoning even after making it warm. Re-heating cooked rice may increase bacterial presence in the BO rice, which can increase its hazard to health.

2] Potatoes

Potatoe is an all-season food, but reheated potatoes can create trouble to our stomach, and hence any preparation made with potatoes should consuming after re-heating, it is advised to eat fresh Potatoe preparations only to avoid acidic reaction and gas trouble in stomach.

3] Spinach

Green leafy vegetable like spinach has high amount of nitrate, and Any preparation made with spinach should not be reheated, otherwise re-heating may increase acidic elements in spinach and can cause stomach upset, acidity issues. Also, as per a medical study, it is found that eating reheated spinach can create cancer like issues in our body hence this should avoid.

4] Mushrooms

Mushrooms is a very perishable food, and those can deteriorate very quickly in absence of proper storage. And hence reheated mushrooms preparation can cause issues like upset stomach, stomach pain, food poisoning, vomiting and nausea.

5] Egg

Eggs are very healthy food, but reheated egg preparation can create acidic issues, and people with egg white tolerance may face serious gastronomical issues after eating re-heated egg preparations. Also reheating can make egg surface rubbery, which make it difficult to eat and digest.

6] Chicken

Chicken is a good protein rich and healthy food, Chicken is used in Famous Keto Diet, but reheated chicken can cause increase acidic elements in the preparation and can cause gastronomical issues such as Acidity, upset stomach and diarrhea.

7] Cooking Oil

Re-using any cooking oil is dangerous towards health, re-cooked oil can cause stomach issue as well as it affect’s on our heart functioning by creating un soluble fats in our food which increases cholesterol level and may block our heart, Vessels.

8] Beat Root

Beat root also contains more nitrogen and hence alike other leafy vegetables it can also increase acidic value of the preparation food after re-heating.

9] Shrimp / Dry Fish

Reheating shrimp or dry fish loose its water contains and make its surface rubbery and Dry. This decreases its eatable quality as well as, it makes difficult to digest and can create digestive problems.

10] Celery

Celery is also a green leafy vegetable which contains nitrogen, and after reheating it converts into nitrous which is harmful and poisonous to health. and any preparation made with celery upon reheating can create food poisoning issue along with Sevier stomach pain.

11] Seafood

reheating seafood can increase bacteria in the food which can cause digestive illness, hence it is advised to consume refrigerate & fresh seafood. but reheated seafood must avoid.

Things to be take care before reheating any food items

1] Using correct heating equipment such as proper working grill, oven or stove and use maintain correct temperature to heat the food.

2] stirring food while heating is important, So, the entire food portion will get same heat.

3] Meat and seafood should not re-heat, these items should cook only once to maintain its healthy quality.

4] Store cooked rice in refrigerator on set temperature and consume it within 24 hours, a stale rice can be very poisonous to our health.

5] Avoid outside microwaved food to prevent from food poisoning, most of the time outside food is prepared for a long time ago and it frequent microwaved, and without proper storage it can create food poisoning issues. Hence it is advisable to not eat outside microwaved food.

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