Chest Hair / Body Hair removal at HomeChest Hair / Body Hair removal at Home

Hairs are an integral part of our personality, as per study it is found that most of adults have near about 5 million hairs on the body. Hairs having on the body is a natural thing, In-fact body hairs helps to Cool off your body during sweating and helps in controlling body temperature and that’s why we can see hairs on our chest, Hands and legs. our body parts such as face hair, chest hair, hands, legs etc.

Hairs also helps our skin to protect from Harmful Sun Burn And help to keep body temperature cool down. Body Hair growth is dependent on release of specific harmonies genetically or change in diet & nutrition. Chest hairs or legs, facial hair, hand hairs can be removed with various ways without harming our skin.

Few people have to remove their Body Hairs to maintain the perfectly clean body. such as Film stars and people in Showbiz & Media. But many of the people among us also don’t like the growth of thick hairs on their body which can cause hygiene and maintain good look.

Popular ways to remove Body Hairs Naturally

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Shaving with the help of Shave Blade and using shaving cream is the most popular hair removing method. This is the safest method of shaving which helps to remove body hair in very quick and natural way.

Pros: It is one of the easiest & less expensive way to remove unwanted body Hairs

Cons: frequent Using shaving razor frequently may roughen your skin & can grow more thick hairs over the body.

Hair removal waxing & Wipes

Waxing is another most popular Body Hair Removal Method in women, to remove the unwanted body hairs specifically Hand & Legs Hairs removal waxing is very useful. Waxing is another less expensive but painful Body Hair removal method.

Pros: It helps to more clean removal of Hairs from our Body, as well as it helps to glow the skin naturally. Waxing is popular among women all over the world. It removes hairs from the root and hence thick hair problem can be lower by using Waxing Wipes instead of Traditional Shaving.

Cons: It may damage skin and may create skin Injury, Skin burn and itching like problems.

Threading & Plucking

Threading & Plucking are another popular method to remove unwanted body Hairs naturally, mainly women’s uses this method of Threading & Plucking to remove unwanted hairs on their Body.

Pros: One of the easiest ways to remove Hairs but should be done by expert’s

Cons: Rout of Hair and skin may damage hence to be done with Parlor expert or Beautician.

Hair removal cream

There are Many of the product available with market such as Organic Hair Removal Gel. Hair Removal cream can help to remove body hairs naturally and without harming much to our body skin structure.

Pros: Hair removal cream is very easy method of removing unwanted and thick body hair, it just need to apply cream and rub it with soft cloth, and then wash the skin, that’s it.

Cons: Most of the Hair removal creams contains harmful chemical like potassium & Calcium Hydroxide can harm our skin condition and may create sensitive situation and may develop skin rashes & damages.

Above methods are also used for Private Parts Hair Removal most popular are shaving & using Natural Hair Removal Cream.

Natural ways to remove Body Hairs

Turmeric-Papaya Mixture Pack

Mix Turmeric & Papaya Pulp can add water to make it a Thick Paste. Apply it on body and keep it to dry for near about 20 to 30 minutes. Once it is dry scrub it out from body with the help of lukewarm water and soft cloth. by regular using this method not only nourish your skin glow but also help to reduce Hair on body but also de-growth body hairs for long term. This face packs are the natural way to remove unwanted body hairs without any side effects. Yes, these methods are not much effective on removing all body hairs but are most friendly to skin.

Egg white Pack

Egg white added with 1 Spoon of Sugar and half spoon of corn flour, apply the mixture on body let it dry for 20 to 30 minutes and then peel off the pack and you will see removal of small hairs from the body along with good skin glow.

how to remove body hair permanently?

The important question many people have today that, can we remove unwanted body hairs permanently? and the answer is yes, there are few treatments which removed your unwanted body hair permanently

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Yes, friends today we have a technology where with using laser treatment, doctors can help you to remove your unwanted Face Hair, Chest Hair, Body Hairs with this revolutionary technique. This is effective and mainly the people in show biz or media avails those treatments to have a clean look due to their profession.

Above are few methods to remove body hairs natural ways. We hope above information will be helpful to our readers to get answers for below questions regarding removal of Body Hair for enhancing their personality in natural ways.

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Hair fall is a common issue among us, and there are very simple natural remedies are available to control it. If you want to know more about how to control body hair fall, kindly refer following article Control Hair Fall or Hair Loss For Men & Women – (

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