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Blood clots

Bloods clotting is one of the Painful and most dangerous medical condition. Blood clotting includes Thickening of Blood Cells, and Tenderness of Affected Area, which can cause swelling & muscle Pain. Blood clotting can cause Major Health issue like blockage of vain & Muscles which may leads to Major Health threats like Brain Tumor, Paralysis & Cardiovascular Disease.

It is important to on time identifying Blood Clotting and Blood thickening issues in our body with Periodic health Checkup and address it with natural & medical.

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Blood Clot / Thick Blood Problem

Symptoms of Blood Clotting / Blood Thickening

Initial symptoms of Blood Clotting / Blood Thickening are Swelling & pain, Bleeding, Gout, Heavy Period’s Bleeding in women, High Blood Pressure, Heavy Itching & Irritation, Low Eye Vision, Dizziness etc.

Blood Clotting & Blood Thickening is mostly happened with change in lifestyle, Diet & Less Exercise, also sitting at one place for long time can also create Blood clotting issues.

The issues like Blood Clotting & Blood Thickening can be avoided with medicinal ways also but natural ways of changing in lifestyle are easier way to stop Blood Clotting in our Body.

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There are many natural ways to avoid Blood Thickening & Blood Clotting few are as follows.

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How to Liquefy Blood?

How to reduce Blood Clotting Naturally?

Fiber Food

Dietary Fibers are the ones who helps to keep our blood in liquid state & flowing continuously in our body. And hence including Fiber Rich food in our daily diet such as Food Grains Wheat, Pulses, Brown Rice, Corn, Beet Root, Broccoli, Carrot, Apple, Oates and other fiber rich food helps in blood clot prevention & Blood Clots,

Capsicum & Cayenne Chile

Cayenne Chile is for those spice lovers who wants the spicy taste as well as liquefy their Blood and remove Blood Clots, then they must try Cayenne Chile which comes under Capsicum category but have qualities for Blood Thinning and Improve Blood Flow. Cayenne Chile can also be helpful to regularize Blood pressure.


Turmeric is one of the best healthy spices with many benefits, Regular Drinking Milk with adding Turmeric Powder can help to Improve Blood Thinning & reduce Blood Clots.


Cinnamon contains coumarin which is used in blood thinning drug, hence adding cinnamon as a spice in your daily diet will be beneficial for reducing Blood Clot & Thick Blood Issue

Garlic & Ginger

Ginger & Garlic are considered best Antioxidant and medicinal qualities specially for heart disease. those helps to regularize the body blood flow by thinning blood and reduce Blood Clotting. Caution: Overeating of Ginger & Garlic is not healthy for our body, hence small portion of those is sufficient in form of Spice of toppings.

Fish & Fish Oil

Including Fish & Fish products in Diet or Upon consulting with doctor taking prescribed dose of fish oil can also help to reduce Blood Clotting and Improves Blood Thinning naturally.

Drinking Warm Water

Regularly drinking warm water and daily drinking at least 8 Glasses of 3-4 Liters of water can help to keep your blood in liquid state. Drinking warm water helps to reduce Blood Clotting and Improve Blood Thinning in Natural way and also helps our body to liquefy Blood.

How to Naturally Thin Blood and reduce Blood Clotting?

Daily Exercise and Jogging

The simplest way to thin our Blood and prevent Blood Clots is to do regular exercise every day. Jogging and Exercise helps to get more oxygen to our body, clear the airway passage and lungs for better Breathing, Breathing and oxygen in our blood help to keep our Blood in Thin State and reduce chances of Blood Clot.

Yoga and Breathing Exercise

Yoga & Breathing Meditation not only help to increase blood oxygen level and help lung to pump more pure blood in our body. Yoga and meditation help in Blood Clot prevention & Blood Thickening.

Body Stretching

Body stretching helps to stretch our body muscles, which leads to remove blood clots & help in Blood Thinning.

Hygiene & Daily Bathing with Warm Water

Body hygiene is important for better blood circulation in our Body. Daily Bathing with Warm water and Black Salt Added Water, helps to open the dead skin blockages on our skin, which helps to improve Blood flow and remove Blood Clotting issue and improve Blood Thinning.

Body Massage with Oil

Periodic Body massage with Coconut Oil or Sesame oil help to regulate blood flow in our body. Massage help in blood thinning and Blood Clot prevention.


Sweating is very important for our Health, sweating during practicing Yoga and Exercise helps to regulate better blood flow and thinning of Blood.

Hope this article will help you to take better care of your Health.

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