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Dear Readers, we cannot predict health hazards in today’s changing world, where bacteria are getting stronger and stronger than Antibiotics available in our medical science. And hence medical staff should learn few techniques to physiologically study patient and work on them to make patient well.

Sometimes Long illness along with energy loses Willpower, and simultaneously the patient may lose the hope of Getting Well. If you have a patient at your home or maybe, you are the patient.

We have focused on the need of things which are needed along with medical aid to relieve a person during his illness and make him feel positive to “Get Well Soon”

All three elements in illness should work side by side to protect the patient from Disease. 1st is the Medical Staff; another is the Patient Relatives & last is the Patient Himself. All the three elements Co-ordination helps Patient Win over the Disease.

medical staff should behave as a caregiver duty to make patient well early
Health expert discussing with patient

1st.Medical Staff Importance / Behavior

1] Positive Attitude

Medical staff plays a very important role in wellbeing of any Patient. So, they must be positive all the time. Because the patient came to them with damaged health and mentally pressurized. The positive attitude of Nursing Staff & Doctors helps him to win over the illness. Sometimes patients don’t co-operate, patient relatives, show their frustration due to the panic situation, but the medical staff must show their positive response.

2] Ethical Work

Medical staff should work dedicatedly with the best medical practices & work ethics. Healthcare is a crucial Job because someone’s life & health depends upon a health worker.

3] Flexible & Multitasking

Patient care is a multitasking job, and hence medical staff should be ready to do multitasking. because of the responsibility of wellbeing of a patient lying with medical staff. The routine may change daily according to the patient and the Medical Staff must be flexible with their work all the time.

4] Knowledge Updating / Sharing

Medical staff must be trained along with Ideal & latest medical practices. So, they could be more efficiently treat the patient using their updated skills.

Medical staff must be ready to grab knowledge along with patient.

Doctors must share their knowledge with medical staff and senior doctors with subordinates, So, the correct treatment information should reach to medical staff for correct treatment.

5] Time Management

Time Management is the must-follow rule in the health industry. In crucial health patient each and every second is important for his life, and an in-time treatment can save such patients from big life threats. That’s Why Medical staff must follow a “Stick to the Time” Practices.

6] Building Confidence

Medical staff must make themselves confident with their skills & positive attitude. which will help them to serve the patient with Great Results.

2nd.Relatives / Patient Siblings Importance / Behavior

1] Positive Approach

During patients, trauma condition Relatives of the patient must be positive all the time. They must Convenience the patient that he will be taken good care, and the doctor’s expertise will help to make the patient well Soon.

A positive approach towards the medical staff will give them the confidence to treat the patient well and improvise patient health.

2] No Negative Thoughts

The relatives and Siblings don’t share negative thoughts in front of a patient or medical staff. They must not share any negative stories of their past experiences about the patient’s disease. They always make the patient feel that he is in good hands and will be treated well.

3] Diet & Daily Routine

Along with medical care, a good diet can help the patient to regain his energy & increase immunity to fight with the disease. And that’s why the patient diet must be taken care of as per doctor consultation.

4] Happy & Hygiene Environment Creation

A person in a hospital may feel depressed if he is lying all day on the bed, having medication & hearing consultation of doctors. The relatives must take care to create a Happy homelike environment at the hospital for the patient, So, the depression can be avoided.

Hygiene & clean environment helps in lowering stress and the healthy environment benefits to patients. So, the relatives of the patient must create an ambient environment surrounding the patient in the hospital.

5] Treatment Followup

Relative of the patient must take care of regular medical treatment follow-up with the doctors & medical staff, so they can know the health condition of the patient and do changes in-case required to make the patient well.

3rd.Patient Responsibility / Behavior

1] Faith & Positive thoughts

The patient must be positive through the medical treatment, he must co-operate with and express his positive thinker. So, the medical staff & his relatives can be confident enough to deal with his traumatic situation.

2] Following Medication & Diet

The patient must follow the on-time medication prescribed by doctors & have a good diet. So he can gain energy & minimize illness impact. Medicines help to cure the disease and diet improve immunity.

3] Agreeing with Expert

The patient must co-operate with Doctors & Health staff, also he must understand from doctors about his treatment & his required behavior to help Getting Well.

4] Engaging in Happy Activities

Patient although he may in the Bed or wheelchair at home due to illness, He must engage himself in activities that help him to be positive. He can read books, Listen to Music, watch TV Programs, do a little exercise with a consultation with doctors and make himself engage all day in good activities. Inner happiness helps to create a positive environment and cure the half illness itself.

By the coordination of all three above aspects helps in controlling the traumatic effects of any illness. And neutralize it into positive vibes that benefit patient health.

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GymBag4u Team,

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